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  1. Timi

    Road to 94 Mage

    Your fingers will be well trained after that, goodluck
  2. thanks for the flame free prep
  3. Timi

    Rip 21 def

  4. Timi


    Was like Hey Im 0ldie or 0ldie. I joined when Hostility v1 closed and left when Hi v2 opened
  5. Timi


    What is your real life name? Timi Who introduced you to Fatality? Was part of the clan before EoC came What are your hobbies? Gym,Football&Jogging What is your current RuneScape name? She Is Legal What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Member of Bloody Vikingz Officer of Exiled Force Member of We Are Royalty Council of Hostility Advanced Member of Fatality November 2012 MOTM of Fatality Former %Elite of Supremacy Current Retired of Supremacy What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Eventually to max it out, but currently I'm serving in the military so the progress is slow Do you plan on joining Fatality? Nope, just decided to come by to intro and say Hi to some old faces aka @@Turny Ownz @@Kieran Anything else: Im 19, turning 20 soon, from Finland, after the military service I'll be studying the Bachelors degree in International Business(in English language), pretty laid back and friendly guy as a whole.
  6. Timi

    This problem again

    wtf oot elos kyllä Tuolla Supremacyn communityssa sitä on pyöritty, päätin tänää tulla tsiigaillee miltä tää site näyttää ja bongasin sun topiccis
  7. Timi

    This problem again

    Chicken or Tuna Rise/vegetables/Water thats what i do mite menee muute?
  8. Timi

    Would like to say thank you

    Community seems to be the same great old one Props to these people!
  9. Long time no seen buddies :D how is Fatality?

    1. Maartinsh


      #1. How are you doing, mate?

    2. Alex
  10. Timi

    Delectation 1

  11. Timi

    Taylor Swift signature.

  12. Timi

    Training Range

    its annoying, i agree