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  1. To EOP

    Just like 2012.
  2. Just to clarify i didnt scam any1

    well u live in america so u shud be speaking spanish idiet
  3. Just to clarify i didnt scam any1

    nigga idgaf this is a mexican clan so fuck off
  4. Just to clarify i didnt scam any1

    esele mi pink clay ke tranza loco onde andas pues
  5. We up like 10 in that picture aswell lmao
  6. Wait till the end...

    i used to watch him long time before but he got boring and stopped watching him
  7. Thank you President.........

    i really wouldnt cared if hillary or trump won both candidates are ass
  8. Joseph visit an old friend of Fatality.

    that cameron snake leaked fi leaderboards to eom fucking scumbag