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  1. Its time for a Real discussion

    hey @Joel !! ass btw
  2. 12 Years Strong!

    that tourny win was nice, like a 65 vs 65 matched if I remember correctly
  3. Brian Sly Waffle and the 420m day

    congrats this happening would have been extra cool had it happened on the 20th of April, 2018
  4. 2/3 of reqs

    [18:18] ➉ lennu: get ur +1s nice
  5. 1017

    hey i remember you from mayhem, it me mon
  6. 1-30 defence - Vote

    I concur
  7. 1-30 defence - Vote

    we are the 30000 we will be heard
  8. Moshi Moshi

    True words right here.
  9. Couck Appreciation Topic

    Couck changed my account to give me notifications when anyone replied to anything on the forums because I made a topic of his irl (head) attached to a bowling pin Couck also removed my rights to post status's for copy pasta spamming
  10. Whole lotta gang shit

  11. Moshi Moshi

    haha hey @KEVY
  12. HeyGuys

    theft is best
  13. Need a quester.