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  1. Goals Topic: Mazerka/Mini Masurda

    Gl on the grind. See you there
  2. Durrrr - Intro

  3. 99 magician

    Big gz I gotta do that next
  4. By the way

    99 hp (HookGang)
  5. Rockets lose Game 1

    What are sport
  6. 98

  7. @hookgangmember spotted btw

    Titan here I come
  8. @hookgangmember spotted btw

    +1 post
  9. @hookgangmember spotted btw

    Sounds like an excuse for being inferior. Would you like a safe space and a glass of milk too?
  10. @hookgangmember spotted btw

    ^Repost ^ This Notice how nobody talks about NNG Because you're irrelevant.
  11. @hookgangmember spotted btw

    You were adopted
  12. I'm down whenever @Jacco
  13. ya boi just changed the game MATE

    big 75 attack hell yeah
  14. In the wee hours of the morning lone shooter Eric ventured into the dangeours ddos infested waters of Supremacy to daringly take them on in the most intellectually driven event possible. Fi starting: 1 Sup starting: 2 Ending score: 5-2 in games 2-1 in sets Pics(ending positions): 1: Sup resinged 2:Sup resinged 3:Sup Resinged 4: Checkmate 5: Checkmate
  15. droopy's intro

    Hi Droopy