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  1. Youtuber shouts me out

  2. Growth

    I was told there was a plus one here
  3. Magic1 our lord and saviour

    Ty for carry Magic
  4. Few more f2p kills.

    @Bday u want a real f2p account 40 att 60 str 66 range 1 pray
  5. Gz us, Otw to #1 baby
  6. Slay is life

    Gz 59 fletch btw
  7. Very very close

    Damn, nice dude
  8. iron boy cleaves iron ore

    Carpal tunnel is a real problem. God speed sir
  9. Toe Sucking

    She was I freak, I was kinda freaked out
  10. When you tanking and someone randomly hits a 67

    Holyfuck l0l
  11. 80 str

    Gz strong fatalitan
  12. Hell yeah brother, i'll be right there with ya
  13. baby baby pure done

    @Lumpykins Nice man! Come to events!