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  1. Hyperions

    A few levels!

    Good job m8
  2. Hyperions

    Samurai Jack S5

    Looking forward to see this. Used to watch this show all the time!
  3. Hyperions

    Moist cats Intro

    Hey welcome Don!
  4. Hyperions


    LMAO I love it
  5. Hyperions

    2 More days !!

    Lol awesome
  6. Wish I could of made it!
  7. Hyperions

    Fatality's Saturday - Big pures

    good shit boys! looked fun
  8. Hyperions

    Hello family.

    i cant, but ill try and stay semi active around forums might jump on team speak over the weekend.
  9. Hyperions

    Hello family.

    Man i miss the squad how is everyone? toby told me you got council awhile back make me proud.
  10. Hyperions

    Hello family.

    What is your real life name? brian Who introduced you to Fatality? Josh What are your hobbies? All i seem to have time for is studying and working on a business venture I started. What is your current RuneScape name? Hyperions What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Ascent,fatality. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? None, i simply do not have time to play any longer but i did hear there is a certain clans birthday coming up and im going to be trying my damn hardest to attend. Anything else: @@Josh still holding it down i hope.. thinking i wouldn't drop in and say hi right? @@0bbyx @@LEX my recruit's right there doing big things! Keep bleeding green brothers, i always try to stay in contact with you guys i know ive been away for awhile now.