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  1. Raggerman.

    Don’t care bro lol
  2. R-34 Nissan Skyline GTR

  3. Throwback

    l000000l ik deep down ur laughing at that lithpy ass mother fuker
  4. Throwback

    ttttthen ttttthen ttttthen ttttttthen
  5. 1 Word

    gay cunt
  6. Oi ring palmerbet and ask for Josh thiel, 1k deposit match
  7. dude making these topics won't get you a proper job
  8. Rigo

    Australian slang. The term is derived from and is another way in saying "Mate look at this"...Barry " Barry, we are not here to Fuck Spiders, get back to it.".
  9. Rigo

    lmao??? gorilla boy stfu
  10. I dont wanna hear anything!!! Cavs champs period.

    Plastic, Armchair supporter.
  11. haha

    good win, quite liked dirk's performance. go cavs
  12. Eop seem obsessed with me

    come foc ts @@henry
  13. Neymar the King.

    class m8 class