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  1. Its time for a Real discussion

    ima bout to go get a titjob after reading this topic that answer ur question?

    Knew this shit would turn out this good from the sneaky clips I've sen, and I respect the work you've put into this for us all to enjoy. Real shit no need to say thank you man, thank you for letting me give my feedback and for feeling you could ask me for advice - I'm truly humbled by it. Fucking sick video man, I love you @Schweden this truly is why I'm fi and always will be, try find another clan with members this dedicated.
  3. you think kenny would eat this

    Thats actually considered a delicacy to most Jews.
  4. Fishing for compliments

    And I’m fishing for +1s so GG
  5. 24 hours left

    gratty stay phatty this weekend bois
  6. souls

  7. Jagex Runelite Statement

    Oh I totally agree, all I really use is prayer bings which I can use a timer for anyway. It's more just the fact that a single client is being singled out for no legitimate reason
  8. Jagex Runelite Statement

    Won't happen considering Jagex have an agreement in place with OSBuddy, and no doubt a % of profits mods literally use OSBuddy on stream, and the ex-CEO of Jagex along with 2 other ex-J Mods work for OSBuddy
  9. Jagex Runelite Statement

    If people can code they could code their own client easily enough anyway, bots have been running through other clients no problem. Zulrah helper is exilient, not RuneLite. The developer offered to close source the client, to which jagex refused.
  10. Jagex Runelite Statement

    offers barely anything more than osbuddy, is open source and not created by someone known for hacking thousands of accounts, and is free I don't understand how it's anymore overpowered than osbuddy and is definitely way less dodgy.