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  1. Happy Birthday Fatality

    Dayum @Couck taking names and kicking ass
  2. 7000

    small imo
  3. Introduction

  4. 71 ags compilation ft. goodies! WoohooO!!!

    This was awesome :]
  5. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    NANI??? @Lee I trained you well with @Tim flaming you in the background because you're hard stuck plat, panthers choked, 002 is my gf first, etc. So well earned and you recommend some pretty good anime sometimes . @Kenny The only worth competitor in pokemon battles and reading his opponents so ofc he went from pokemon gym leader to pokemon master. It has been such a long time coming, truly deserving. Grats men =]
  6. Elder Maul Pk

  7. Saturday

    That RSN though, respect.
  8. PX closed

    Oh damn rip
  9. Moshi Moshi

    I'm here @Tim @Josh @Elve I just don't have a lot of time to play the game atm but I like to post on forums and see what is up
  10. Moshi Moshi

    @Josh @robbyy @Mash I can't see status updates or comments on my profile btw as a guest rip
  11. Moshi Moshi

  12. Aight Bet

    still my girl in ur ava? lul i dont care kid carolina panther suck & ur riven is big noober lul
  13. jons lost his dog

    Reward: $5ish maybe
  14. *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    @robbyy fat ass l0l