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  1. Tanqe Jr

    HBD to me :)

    turned 25 today *sunday*
  2. hell yeh easy win boys
  3. Tanqe Jr

    Leadership Promotions

    Gratz @Whisky @Jons @Rich
  4. Tanqe Jr

    best mini squad tbh

    thats not important right now dude Xd
  5. Tanqe Jr

    best mini squad tbh

    Good old Days @Rich @Matt @Smite @Dank @2 Ridiculous @Kevin @Swelly leller
  6. Tanqe Jr

    2018 Anime ur looking out for?

    idk.. it said something went wrong when i tried to post lmao so i tried again.. didnt know it posted and no1 replied to delete them :/
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  8. Tanqe Jr

    2018 Promotions

    gratz @Lee @Sly Waffle and the new Elites
  9. Tanqe Jr

    I tried boys

    im good ty tho
  10. Tanqe Jr

    I tried boys

    Whats up dude its been a very long time!
  11. Tanqe Jr

    I tried boys

    brought 3 i should of used brews before instead of all my food tbh