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  1. misfits are full of retards, this guy talking is no exception
  2. Acid

    'Well hop tho'

    later bro
  3. be on to kill shitfits and the bitch clan aao that allies with them 

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    2. Matt_
    3. Irish


      Come home son.

    4. Acid


      turn up or youre demoted irish 

  4. Acid

    Slamming AAO+MF on Saturday

    give me that @Irishguys rank
  5. be on to kill shitfits

  6. Acid


  7. Acid

    P2P Pic dump 6-3

    you attacked me lmao, you tried to get a sneaky k0 on me whilst I was fighting some other fi. Back fired for you lmao.
  8. Acid

    P2P Pic dump 6-3

    yea it was 3am, no way i could be fucked chilling in multi if i didnt have to. You just happened to be the closest person to me =p
  9. Acid

    P2P Pic dump 6-3

  10. Acid

    Easiest Rivalry to Date

    @Nickwhy you sound like that?
  11. not topic worthy @Elvemisfits is trash
  12. You took his spot that's why he isn't reporting you lol
  13. Acid


    You have to be blunt with the handicapped