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  1. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    @Joel - Wanking off golden reliver dogs I laughed pretty hard at this. Thanks @Joseph
  2. Taylor Swift is ugly

    still hold true. would i bang her? sure but nothing beyond that
  3. Gains

    good shit
  4. And So It Begins

    get ittttt
  5. Can finally use real weapons

    ur training like a monster... how is this possible. im over here still lvl 50 wtf.
  6. 1 Week later .. eop

    Nick is leader? lol
  7. .

    damn nice
  8. yeah

    why are these videos so great lol
  9. Hard Clue Scroll

    thats garb.
  10. Boyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Easy Clue Scroll

    good stuff ur rich now.
  12. LOL eop retards

    Im confused... Was this supposed to entertain their clan? sitting around not fighting and doing spams... jesus