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  1. Did you miss kenny?

    whos this @Kenny guy
  2. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    @Joel - Wanking off golden reliver dogs I laughed pretty hard at this. Thanks @Joseph
  3. Taylor Swift is ugly

    still hold true. would i bang her? sure but nothing beyond that
  4. Gains

    good shit
  5. And So It Begins

    get ittttt
  6. Can finally use real weapons

    ur training like a monster... how is this possible. im over here still lvl 50 wtf.
  7. I can dds and stuff

  8. 1 Week later .. eop

    Nick is leader? lol
  9. .

    damn nice
  10. yeah

    why are these videos so great lol
  11. Hard Clue Scroll

    thats garb.