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  1. I cant believe it

    jacco ur the best
  2. OwO

  3. Its time for a Real discussion

    you picked correct.
  4. This Week In Science

    I havent posted this in a while @Misterr Fred will be happy tho. I think the most interested one was the Golden State Killer, he was finally caught which is pretty cool. Science is cool, for more info like this follow Futurism on Facebook.
  5. Its time for a Real discussion

    u can fuck booty, the fuck?
  6. Its time for a Real discussion

    actually i have more questions now.
  7. I felt nothing from this...

    lol, nj man
  8. Trumps Pure Intro

  9. 85 iron

  10. Doc's Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. Hook Gangs Night Out

    @Stigi you are still a 1bang tho.
  12. Did you miss kenny?

    whos this @Kenny guy
  13. Mark's Intro

    Welcome, i like your profile pic.