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  1. started with 100m, 94 def on this acc gave everyone ODDS. all the OG dream chasers unit @krZ @Koso @all the other dream chasers ILY
  2. if we win ill bring back my baby pure
  3. title says it all, lookin for the OG #dreamchasers hammered rn lets throw bank
  4. o bahr o


    Congrats, can barely imagine the grind to get 85 for the ardy diary. couldn't imagine the grind to 95
  5. o bahr o


    gz had one of these builds ~ 2 yrs ago before claws and everything, it was fun af back then sure its better now
  6. Second jar in ~3.5k KC between different account Got pretty lucky on this pet! No claws yet though Back to back Zulrah drops a couple days after the pet as well. Still only 2 onyx and 3 magic fangs & jar in 11,64 kc atm. Fairly unlucky, but slowly turning around & Finally get this shit cape, huge shoutout to @Jacco and his questing service! Dude did like 15 quests for me to get me a couple quests from finishing it off. Might start up my baby pure again, so maybe keep a lookout for some updates on that guy. Banks only 150m atm so not sure how affordable it will be
  7. o bahr o


    gz how long do these take to get now a days?
  8. o bahr o

    It's been awhile

    good to some some things never change
  9. o bahr o

    It's been awhile

    Hi everyone, haven't been around RS in awhile. Haven't been around FI in even longer. More or less stopped playing RS when I started college two years back and only really play during breaks now. Since I've been playing a lot more lately I thought I'd come back and say hi. See who was still around from the good ol' days. Maybe come on a trip sometime if that's allowed (I still have a 70 cb pure with like 94 mage 90 range). This is what I've been up to on RS. Just finished off combat until I can afford all the 75 def gear then I'll get 75. Working slowly towards Lumbridge, Morytania, Varrock, Western, & Fremmy elite diaries and building my bank up. If anyone wants to catch up feel free to add me "o Bahr" or I'll probably be chilling in the FI discord. (Also if anyone knows any type of med level clan pvm/skilling/pvp I'm kind of looking for a chill one to join a lot of my friends from back in the day quit) Hope all has been well with everyone and that FI is still killing it on Saturday and Sunday. Missed you guys Side note: is @Couck still into feet pics?
  10. o bahr o

    Delusional Eop Members

    Might comeback this weekend just to slam them once more.
  11. o bahr o

    selling gp

    just for you come on ts sometime ill be on kinda randomly just got settled in at uni
  12. selling gp - poke on ts

  13. o bahr o

    selling gp

    b 700m left selling @1.15 1.1 over 100m cheapest in fi atm trying to unload before i leave for uni sunday
  14. selling gp - poke on ts