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  1. The Road to Riches!

    that's my member of the month, jesus christ you do so much pking lol
  2. Smoke Weed Everyday

    this is so true wtf
  3. 97 HP

    hell ye grats
  4. joined the cape club

    Oh grats man, shit is a grind lol
  5. our process > other processes ez disgusting levels of representing the process, well done @Kenny
  6. Corrupt a Wish.

    Granted but the job is soul crushing I wish my last 3 courses for my degree were finished
  7. 2.15 PK TRIP

    + missed a bunch of pics - made a few mil as usual If you're missing these trips and you're online idk what to say to you. Shit is amazing
  8. I DID IT

  9. Couck's GFX shop

    big cutie art
  10. cool