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  1. Demux

    Fi Declared fullout on IR what?

    C u there if they accept
  2. Demux

    Almost Maxed Jackal

    ayy lookin good grats
  3. Demux

    whats the best bot client

    hmm no
  4. Demux

    Top 3 Flamers/Most toxic guys in FI

    My clan is humble in victory and graceful in defeat no need for flame
  5. Demux


  6. Demux


    ah yes post count +1
  7. Demux

    Intro #3 or #4

    welcome back
  8. Demux

    Yay, my first pet.

    damn grats lol
  9. ahh yes the new episode of mf ts leaks is out
  10. Demux

    JAH Intro

    Welcome man, good time to join up Fatality is making moves
  11. Not surprised to see another one of these lol. Unfortunate how quickly mf is falling, but not surprising. Hopefully the members looking to get action find a new home