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  3. its BEEN YEARS lol

    I'm trying to get back into the community, hopefully soon.Well for now I am going to show my progress.
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    keep it up:]
  5. Slow Progress

    My slow progress but getting their   Sorry for not being active in TS my laptop been down    
  6. i am big

  7. its been a while . . . .

    SORRY FOR THE LAGG PEOPLE been BUZY lately I REALLY WANT TO BUT .. dont have enough time to train do quest etc hope got full time job and school with my freetime i have i spend it with my gf. its hard to juggle with time and all lets see im been thinking since i post yeah it effected me alot . . . .hopefully i can bot here and there im not up for boting but i dont have time its a slution i have but i dont want to risk my account.. seem alot more activities than before seems alot better but losing the 07 ways nice to meet you !:} yeah forogt to make a proper intro sorry about that thanks safew! the world been looking kinda empty lately you got show me nightmare zone dont know how that works hello :] Spirit shield, no divine. Godwars. rooftop agility. More prayer books (quest books). Pvp worlds and Bh worlds. Should come back, 07 is alot of fun atm i love agility got it on my orginal account took me 9 months off n on . hi! thanks counk! thanks joel :] i know you though! wa1? wag2? lets seee .. i need a better headset
  8. its been a while . . . .

    nope everyone would call me teddy #2 beacuse everyone thought i was him when i first join so that how people called me I remeber you before eoc ! Thinking about it. I really do miss Fi it what made rs fun for me and kept me playing along with sinz
  9. its been a while . . . .

    whats up FI , its been a long time since i played rs07 just wanted to see what everyone was up to now and what heppen to everybody. I see alot of new changes i know some dont remember me but im T E D D Y on rs ...I miss playing rs and my Fi Family had amazing time doing pk trips i just wanted to check in on how rs07 is now before i start playing again but thinking about it...I hope someone can give me the updates of what chang with rs07.. i quit right after 3 months playing rs07when it came out due to the fact i got upset the fact i had to start over after my hard work i put on my account along with sinz . and does sinz play again i lost touch after we quit