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  1. Trust the process

    not even titanic
  2. 99

    master theft
  3. quester

    ready for turmoil
  4. bird catcher

    good hunt xp?
  5. Theft Unit

  6. lf names

  7. Routine

    @RcMario was good player
  8. RIP RNG

    worth gz
  9. Late night pk trirp w\ @c0ld @3man

    gucci flip flops
  10. Routine

    hm wym i go to every event im on for been 2 last 2 preps? @0bbyx
  11. Routine

    on main on pure working on a new account also Plan is to make main raid ready, my clanning pure is maxed so just afk skilling on it, and im not sure what to do with new account im making tbh any suggestion for account build?