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  1. need quests done on main

    woah gl

    aaaaaaaaaaah yes
  3. My year 2k17 in Fatality

    Nice read, goodjob
  4. More random levels

    Former High Council of Corrupt Pures psure theres missing something amrite @Duces?
  5. More random levels

    nice acc man keep them commin
  6. Think this is rare

    its rare yeah, 16million slayer xp, only got 1 from an imp (wasnt even on task)
  7. @Fi Couck(e)

    u want a banana? random monkey lol
  8. @Fi Couck(e)

  9. 1 DEF Raids Guide

    Hey man very nice guide! one thing i like to add, light ballista is propably best range weapon to bring ater tbow
  10. Infamous Quotes by elit3 Bs3r

    who we talking about lol dis guy
  11. Fucking Rick

    all i see is 2 defence tbh lol gratz man
  12. A reminder

    ownage lads, wish i was there lol would have ended with 100
  13. Weekly questions - Week 2

    Really depends where im eating/what kind of meat Steak = blue/saignant Rib eye = saignant Filet pure = bleu Get the fuck out if u eat ur meat well done lmfao