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  1. Talk Shit, Get Hit. RS running around like chicken heads cut off, it continues tomorrow for P2p! Be on, my brothers. 

  2. Charles

    Hello Fam

    An older schooler! Welcome back brother
  3. Charles

    congrats on 21 def @Turny Owns

    the inevitable l0l
  4. Big moves boys, great job winning today's P2P prep vs Supremacy. Lets keep it rolling into the weekend and be on for F2P SATURDAY  & P2P SUNDAY! 

  5. Charles

    Sup pov

    Good shitt
  6. Charles

    Hi all!

    Welcome to forums, man hope to see you around more!
  7. Charles

    20DefencePVM intro

    Welcome mate, hope to see you around on our forums and discord!
  8. Charles


    Don't think we've met before but, cheers mate glad you're back!
  9. Charles

    "Im 20 def" INTRO to fatality.

    Welcome mate, hope to see you around!
  10. Great win versus Supremacy prep! Thanks for the fight lads. Great performance to the Fatalians who attended

  11. Charles


    Welcome to forums mate, hope to see you around esp. at trips!
  12. A sad position their ranks has put them in, quite a sad excuse of a clan ATM
  13. Charles

    Who remembers this legendary trip?

    Crazyyy, we're gonna bring it back
  14. Charles

    Mark's Introduction

    Welcome mate, hope to see you around!