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  1. congratz Davey

  2. For old times sake ......

    eso es todo mijo
  3. TBT

    old man
  4. Real Achievement

    back on that farm grind i c u
  5. who remembers vultures?

    lmfao that nerd
  6. TWD season 7 Sunday

    FUCK YA glenn got the chops

  8. Chicago Police Shooting

    GREAT ELDER OF FI job title?
  9. Chicago Police Shooting

    #chicago reppin paddy who r u
  10. Herb Boxes a1

    best thing to buy if you have any nmz points TBH, i think i made like 16m from the herbs when i finally opened all my boxes many of the ranarrs went into ppots tho for more gainz lol
  11. Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere 10.01.16

    wtf thought the show wasnt coming out till oct? ftw i think glenn got the bat they have to kill a big character TBH
  12. Why we don't run E85 without proper tune.

    this x2 what a dumb ass
  13. Car guys click here

    not sure how i feel about that clear coat