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  1. Tamalero Pk

    Tundro's Intro/return

  2. Tamalero Pk

    congratz Davey

  3. why can't i see my own post after i post something?

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    2. Lumpykins


      because ranks will delete everything you post because you're mexican

    3. Alex
    4. killkillnill_Eddy


      woah wuddup bruh, Come back to the game I haven't seen your ass in a long time.



  4. Tamalero Pk

    For old times sake ......

    eso es todo mijo
  5. Tamalero Pk


    old man
  6. Tamalero Pk

    Real Achievement

    back on that farm grind i c u
  7. Tamalero Pk

    who remembers vultures?

    lmfao that nerd
  8. Tamalero Pk

    TWD season 7 Sunday

    FUCK YA glenn got the chops
  9. new google chrome is tilting me

  10. Tamalero Pk


  11. dimelo @Jons ke paso

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    2. Jons
    3. Tamalero Pk
    4. Jons


      because i broke my back one game went like 17-8 or some shit lost because idiots dont know how to group and play around me...second game i won lane and got 4 man dove bottom like 3 times back to back to back and all mid/jungler did was farm even when i spam pinged for help.

      Just too much stress cbf already went 0-2 in placements not worth it for me

  12. Tamalero Pk

    Chicago Police Shooting

    GREAT ELDER OF FI job title?