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  1. TheEngineThatCould

    Pawg's POV FI vs R

  2. TheEngineThatCould

    The Green Machine p2p sunday

  3. TheEngineThatCould

    Sigma's POV

  4. TheEngineThatCould

    fi vs fs pkri

    late night pkri with the boyz
  5. damn wish i made it looked like you guys fucked everyone up nice trip
  6. TheEngineThatCould

    the end of ww2

    the battle of Berlin would mark the rush between Russian and Allied forces to the German capital us and its allies were 60miles away mean while Russia was already kicking in the door and end 6 days ago and ww2 would end 5 days later on may 7th. The war that would cost countless lives that still to this date no one knows how many people actually died. Those that glorify or want war have no clue what actual "conventional war" really looks like. remember why this war was fought because history doesn't always repeat itself but it does rhyme
  7. TheEngineThatCould

    military coup in Venezuela

    small arms fire already reported. Wonder how serious this will get if/when Russia gets involved
  8. TheEngineThatCould

    Sigma mini Pov

    good job today shit was fun with the 5v5 and ending it with the mini
  9. TheEngineThatCould


    whats going on man welcome Aboard!
  10. TheEngineThatCould

    The destruction of Legacy - Part 1: Sam

    yup this clan is on the downfall forsure
  11. TheEngineThatCould

    selling a brick to people

  12. TheEngineThatCould

    sigma's pov

  13. TheEngineThatCould

    Harry's Quesionnaire Awards!

    damn i was so close!
  14. TheEngineThatCould

    Purefect Introooo

    welcome to the forums, dogs would be nicest cats would be assholes