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  1. Will

    ripp mate

    yall good
  2. Will

    Prayer > Def

    in some cases, ye
  3. Will


    thanks i hate it
  4. Will


    thats rather large
  5. Will

    Vent* Rage... Who remembers this

    i vaguely remember this wtf
  6. Will

    2020 is fatality's year

    every year is fatality year
  7. Will

    Valentine's Day PSA

    wtf u mean fam that's exactly why we use those dating apps...to find the damaged goods
  8. Will

    THE BIG 97

    you're only saying that because you were 97 str for like 10 years
  9. should've met cody 0n3 b100d years ago, and possibly skillzy me and teddy will have our union some day and it will be magical
  10. Will

    Project fatality

    hihgly anticipated
  11. Will

    Cayo A.K.A. Demadsen :)

    yoooo long time no see, not sure if you're still around..was watching some of your old vids earlier
  12. Will

    Shady's Back. Back Again.

    yes the legend has returned
  13. Will

    1 Defence Quests and Diaries

    nice, thanks