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  1. Dude stop picking on pvmers plz
  2. I dont use snapchat anymore like I used to in Hs/College.
  3. @Mith Main all these people telling you not to use it are like people telling you not to get vaccines because it causes autism. Ive had over 2b on an account that I regularly use Exilent on, never been hacked and Ive been using for 3+ years. If you want to improve your awareness in minis/preps (better calling, easier to get melee on pile, easier to know when to reposition etc etc) get it because being able to see when you and your teamates are frozen is STUPID over powered.
  4. Huge congrats to Owari but I am dumbfounded how I did not win member of the month!!!11
  5. You don’t think suffering is worth 1 angler, it’s +20 def everything AND theoretically can damage up to 75 before I run out of food.
  6. 1 2 3 Ring switch is for Bring(i) also Thoughts on manacles vs climbing boots vs wizard boots? I feel like nowadays mage is so strong I want to have more mage defense but ive been rocking manacles so far
  7. Jake

    Florida Meetup

    This is gonna be fun
  8. Jake

    Florida Meetup

    Im down post a time and a location and we can start getting hotels/rides.
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