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  1. gfnerdjeff

    Fatality Sunday Trip | Ft LT, TLP & RD.

    sick trip man lots of good fight there
  2. gfnerdjeff

    Could have been a BGS pk

    smashed bye CT Member
  3. gfnerdjeff

    Current State of Pure Clanning

    no one cares
  4. gfnerdjeff

    Just absolutely killing it

    yo boy chad keep hatting the replies
  5. gfnerdjeff

    Real Life goals

    beat runescape kids up irl
  6. gfnerdjeff


  7. gfnerdjeff

    We Are Royalty - 4 Years old today

    Who ? never heard of it must be new
  8. gfnerdjeff

    swiftkit picture help

    if so i cant find it hope you could help me with it
  9. gfnerdjeff

    swiftkit picture help

    So my pc crashed and i had to redownload swiftkit but when i am taking a picture now its fucked up like i show below could some one help me with it ? to change it back like it was it should be look like this
  10. gfnerdjeff

    Can i ?

    Have Jasper back ?
  11. gfnerdjeff

    Ello Ello Ello

    u cheaky mothafacker i will find u on rs and murder u u dead kevin kieran u home is control u know it since u joined it before
  12. gfnerdjeff

    Ello Ello Ello

    N00000000000000000000000000000000 why u breaking mine heart i will remember this kevin
  13. gfnerdjeff

    some gainz ft 99cb

    geen pure