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  1. Gf Nerd Jeff

    i lost 600 chins smh

    gz getting there
  2. Gf Nerd Jeff

    How did you come up with your name/alias?

    me and a couple of irl buddies made f2p low lvl accounts around 2007-2008 where we all named Good Fight Nerd [irl name] some others where Gf Nerd Jord Gf Nerd Remco Gf Nerd Randy doubt any one remember it or maybe @Joseph since he oldschool as hell
  3. Gf Nerd Jeff

    l8ls intro

  4. Gf Nerd Jeff

    first strike as advanced member

    nice ddos freak
  5. Gf Nerd Jeff

    killing people

  6. Gf Nerd Jeff

    finally got that little wanker

    feels good to get it before 99 congratz on ur buddy
  7. Gf Nerd Jeff


    lucky as hell congratz on a sick pet
  8. Gf Nerd Jeff


  9. Gf Nerd Jeff


  10. Gf Nerd Jeff

    yo wadup fatalians

    whaddup david
  11. Gf Nerd Jeff

    :/ intro

    u a clown
  12. Gf Nerd Jeff

    well 92 now

    big runner
  13. Gf Nerd Jeff

    Sorry Excuse for cp

    why u bully a 5 week old clan @Nate that is just sad wish u grow up man