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  1. ubermensch

    FI wins again

    smh nerds will be nerds, gratz Fi
  2. ubermensch

    Since I can't post status updates :P

    Haha yo! I didn't know you were in Fatality I haven't really kept up too much, just mainly been doing my thing and moderating on Sharkbrew. Like I said, my wife and I have our first kid on the way and it has totally changed my outlook on life in every possible aspect (in a good way of course ) so I have definitely taken a step away from a lot of things!
  3. ubermensch

    Since I can't post status updates :P

    I've got quite a bit of irl duties stacked against me (college, work, wife, baby on the way), as well as being staff in Doom until I recently got hacked for def about a month ago. The odds are against me haha
  4. ubermensch

    A Decade Of Fatality

    I learned pure clanning through Fatality. I was just a little noob who single pked and went out with massers until I found this clan on Zybez. Tbh I have no clue how I got in because I literally knew NOTHING other than simple F2P pking, but I was taught the ropes in both servers and experienced a great community, my first one really in all of my time on Runescape. Although I was quite on and off because of being a retard and getting in trouble irl, I value my time with this clan very highly and I wish you guys the best of luck, and another 10+ years as one of the greats in clan history! #FiPride
  5. Just wanted to stop by and show some love, that 10 year vid was fucking sick and got me hyped as fuck lmfao. I loved hearing some of the old voices from back when I was a little noob. Great work again, I wish you the best of luck on the anniversary, I'm proud to have been a small part of this clan! EDIT: I've legit watched this shit like 20 times already
  6. ubermensch

    10 Years of Fatality

    sick fucking vid! best of luck to you guys on your anniversary! makes me miss the pre-eoc days :') I think I recognized some old voices in there, shit got me hyped haha
  7. ubermensch

    Dear EmilyIsPro v2

    lmfao i love you for this @@Nick
  8. ubermensch

    @Damon @Birthday

  9. ubermensch

    65m pk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy shit nice lmao
  10. ubermensch

    Slayyy helm

    nice, need to get mine soon
  11. ubermensch

    Adamant bae, my intro i guess haha

    hi there good luck on training your account!
  12. ubermensch

    Jez intro

    hi there
  13. ubermensch


    just leave bro, just leave and never look back!
  14. ubermensch

    Meet Bill.

  15. ubermensch

    man new border

    look sick bro, do you have it in a vid yet?