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  1. easy money

    daaamn rape and pillage the revs whilst you can before it crashes lol
  2. Inferno attempt #idk

    unlucky bud, but solid efforts
  3. Thank fuck

    means alot needle pusher
  4. Thank fuck

    i bet harley did 0xp of it you little rat
  5. No one cares to tell me about this shit?

    well i didnt know this, but now i do. thanks sensation for being the test dummy
  6. Thank fuck

    it was easily afkable and easy as fuck, like 200k+ xp per hour doing battlestaff method. so cruisy imo
  7. 20

    yes yes it is considering this cunt is 99 defence. you're correct pleb
  8. Thank fuck

    Now the runecrafting grind starts
  9. 20

    gz bic boi
  10. i usually make zerks when i cant compete 1 def bridding LOOL