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  1. Structure Augmentation!

    Ex-Fi plz
  2. best mini squad tbh

  3. Kevo and I, Double Penetrate FOE

    No1 in our clan f2p minis lmfao stop tagging me in cringe topics
  4. im back

    welcome back loser
  5. Fake FoE, Sv is retarded -

    you just played yourself
  6. but just think.. if he alls in two more times it's enough for 12 years i think he should stank it for the billies
  7. [R]etar[D]s best n-ranger

    I ate a pure finally has some competition
  8. [R]etar[D]s best n-ranger

    "ok lets spam something so they think im good" LOL
  9. Just how good is Kev at league?

    show me ur match history u egg @@Jons im best lee sin dont make me pull out the pics   500 lee sin games still in silver 3 L0L0L     silver 2*
  10. Just how good is Kev at league?

    kevs ego > ego gore
  11. King Coucks new intro??

  12. If you could bring back ONE ex-fi

    we meet again old friend
  13. @Tanqe, you're a threat

      im dead
  14. eggcellent

    i made 60m from that 8m excellent