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  1. Prep Unit

    1kc Skoti Pet

    Go buy a lotto ticket bro!
  2. I know the secret to never lose staking

    1. Kevo


      yeah, don't stake :D 

    2. Doc


      double up till u win?

  3. Prep Unit

    Clan System: Post your thoughts

    Clan option was nice it prevented you from left clicking clan mates and made it so I could wear any back item I wanted on trips. I remember farming firecapes to lose on weekend trips
  4. 20 def doesn’t make you any better or more defensive and only ruins your account in the long run. Don’t be dumb plz 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Jaya


      the haters come out of the wood work

    3. Kevo


      Everyone should be free to decide how they like to play.
      But for sure not rush to get them, think about it if you are planning to, about the good and bad things because once you take the step there's no way back. Pure clans have been 1-20 def as long as I remember so everything in-between there is worth as much as another. Happy scapin!

    4. Sonic Shark

      Sonic Shark

      My 1 Def is my only account. Won’t be rushing to get 20 def for quite a while. 

  5. Damn it’s been over 9 years since I joined this clan.❤️

  6. Prep Unit

    Hi guys I'm back ish

    Welcome back homie!
  7. Prep Unit

    What do you do for work?

    Full time student. Just separated from US military
  8. Prep Unit

    very big update

  9. Prep Unit

    giant squizzle

    That’s a vibe
  10. Prep Unit

    Constructive feedback pls

    Idk how to critique this. Good shit though have fun!
  11. Selling 200m for .7 

    Pm me on here or get my Snapchat from our clan chat 

    1. Angelin


      I could buy. Talk to me on discord if you're still trying to sell the gps :) merry xmas

  12. Let elders comment on elder apps. Y’all 6 month old ranks don’t know who’s an elder. #elderpower2k19 #missyall

  13. Prep Unit


    You did my kiln cape pre-eoc. Still the goat i see @RcMario