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  1. S0rc3r0r

    f2p ftw

    Keep the faith!!!!
  2. S0rc3r0r

    94 str

    One on the other pure App soon!! Getting active again
  3. S0rc3r0r

    f2p ftw

    Soon bro!! will app on my other pure though ❤️
  4. S0rc3r0r

    f2p ftw

    Got 52 pray on my 60 att pure bro :D gonna stay 1 def 1 pray kinda enjoy f2p pking for a bit after levelling hard on other pures
  5. S0rc3r0r

    Late Night BIG LOOT

    Gj men
  6. S0rc3r0r

    f2p ftw

    With the influx of f2p players and over 140k online at peak times I have been levelling an old pure in hope of varrock multi returning 🙌
  7. S0rc3r0r

    What started it all for most of us.

    Yeah miss these days man was actually talking about varrock in 2005 the other day and hoping the influx of new f2p players brings it back been levelling an old f2p pure in hope. good vid
  8. S0rc3r0r


    nice account grats
  9. S0rc3r0r

    Few lvls on the iron

    nice stats staying pure?
  10. S0rc3r0r

    Who will win?

    would love McGregor to win but think khabib will take it
  11. S0rc3r0r

    worst grind of my life 

    master baiter
  12. S0rc3r0r