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    We out here.

    Im very honorable sir
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    hubbs intro

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    Hmm.. remember the last time you were fi and leaked to 7 clans on that join.me..? damn, i remember! Not sure if i forgot to ban you back then but if i did and someone unbanned you i must say that's a big mistake! Anyway to put it simple since you have an eop downy brain, N O.
  4. selling 13def max pure and max main with quest cape and everything you'll ever need 2k+ total

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      ill give you @Leeused body pillow

  5. Shoutout to @Luciferm8 for ordering me a free pizza you a real one now
  6. In the last month we've seen many old faces comeback to this glorious clan & with that this clan has turned a full 180. With having these 3 new promotions we're convinced this clan will be as powerful and dominant as ever. Now onto the promos! @Whisky - Whisky has been in this clan longer than most of us. Hes been here through the slumps & has been here when we were unbeatable. Whisky has taken Fatality and put it on his back these past few months and has became the voice everyone has become familiar with. With having Whisky being promoted to Leader we are excited to see where he takes this clan in the next coming months, congratulations Whisky! @jons - We all know Jons, we all know he can troll and joke around alot but hes also one of the most dedicated ranks this clan has ever seen. When Jons stepped down he didn't just leave this clan, he kept helping us out as much as possible & gave us some great ideas with his 200 IQ. In the past few months Jons has also been stepping up ALOT & I personally am excited as fuck to see what Jons will do once again in this position. @Rich - We all know Rich, we all know where he can take a clan and we all know what he's capable of. By having Rich return to the Warlord rank we will have another old voice coming back. One of the best callers and Leaders that this clan has ever seen.. has returned, baby.
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    Promotions !!

    The last month we've seen a Fatality on the rise. The last month we've improved so much and it's actually crazy to see how far we've already come. Constistent 70 pulls,midweeks,preps,overall activity we've been totally killing it in every aspect of the game. With these promotions we are convinced we are going to not only keep killing it but also get to the next level. The amount of work & dedication everyone has shown has been amazing and it clearly paid off. Understand that to be eligible for these promotions you must already be at least an Advanced Member of Fatality. Without further ado, I present the newly promoted Pure Elites. @Matt_ - Congrats ~ Couck @Fuh My Life - Although you just found your voicebox, we are very happy you did. Your consistency and commitment for Fatality has definitely been noticed. From scouting, to backup calling, to helping out with pk trips, you deserved this promotion. Congratulations and welcome to the team, Officer Fuh. - Elve @Stigi - H3ll0?!?!?!?!? This is the standard thing you'll hear in Discord whenever this mans there. You've been in the Veteran position for a little while, and I think it's time for you to move onto our highest member rank. You've been mini warring nonstop with the boys, and showing a good and consistent performance in every prep. You're positive vibe together with your 4n as fuck accent puts a smile on me and everybodies face every single day, and you well deserve this promotion. Congratulations on being one of our Officers! ~ Jacco @goth - You've worked hard for this and definitely deserve it. You've stepped up in more ways than one when it comes to trying to help improve our clans overall quality and I'm excited to see what you will do in this new position and the new ideas you will bring. Glad you didn't quit rs a few months back, lets not download porn on my computer again. - Matt and you're gay - Conway @Ali - My fellow Belgian friend! Ever since you got active you've been moving up the ranks continuously and that isn't without putting in the effort. This guy has been helping us a ton with our Mentor system with his suggestions, and has also turned into a Mentor himself not too long ago. Next to that, you're also one of our great scouts, putting in the work on the weekends as well, not to forget your active Discord presence. Congratulations! ~ Jacco @Anqi - Not the closest of Friends, but I am proud to call you a friend. Since my ass backwards schedule during school we started talking more and more and slowly realizing how active you even for ur 4n timezone. This promotion was well deserved and you put in a ton of work, do not stop now im looking forward to what you can accomplish. - Matt @Pex - ever since the leader of Theft came back to reunite with his fellow fatalitans, hes been showing a positive attitude, helping out in the scout channel and showing up to alot of events. Not to forget a consistant Discord activity. Whenever you open Discord u always see this dude talking, connecting with new and old people and keeping the positive vibe going. I'm happy to see you back at the dpot where you once were, and excited to see what else you can bring in the future. ~ Jacco @Ranqe 1 - I am very proud of the work you've put in for Fi, especially given your timezone. You are the most active aussie and have been for a while now, and we think that is definitely deserving of the veteran rank. We hope this inspires you to hold a more leadership role for the nightshift and make sure they are integrated into our family. @tomelis - My misfits killing brother. The dedication this man has shown is truely amazing and is an example for everyone. From ragging our rivals at sandcrabs to destroying them in the wilderness to going to minis this man does it all. Hes our biggest foreigner but it's also why we love him. Like someone once told me "When tomelis talks to you it's like hes casting a voodoo on you" and that alone makes him scary for all other clans out there ~ Couck @Tyler Oh Ricky Bobby how you are moving up in this clan. I know your journey doesn't end here. Keep pushing you're doing a lot and trust me it doesn't go unnoticed even if I'm the one doing it with you. "If you ain't first, you're Last" - Matt @Nate - Lines of woo in game. You along with Robbyy have helped bring us back into a good mindset regarding minis and helping us strategize for all things P2P. We can always count on you to lead our miniature warfare unit into battle, and know you will keeping helping out myself in P2P and the rest of the clan. ~ Lee @Jay - When Jay pmed me a week before i returned as leader he promised me he would be by my side if i returned. And ever since he returned to Fatality hes been outstanding. If you've been at a midweek you've heard this man call, you've heard this man get hyped, you"ve heard this man destroy clans. Im excited and look forward to what this man will bring to Fatality in the future. This crazy mexican has alot of potential to help and push this clan to the next level. ~ Couck @robbyy - Ah yes borther, my day 1. We're so glad to see the father of clan wars going hard and helping our all his sons in this clan. With your reformed attitude and setting out to actively help improve our clanwars quality and activity, I see big things for you soon. ~ Lee @Light Mayhem - Another dutchie stepping up! Ofcourse, its always great to have another person showing the greatness of the Dutch, but the country you live in isn't what led to your promotion. You've been an active little nigga, attending most our events and being a massive help in our scout channel, despite joining the clan not too long ago. I'm excited for the future and congratulate you on this well earned promotion. ~ Jacco @Paddy - The Chicagoians are taking over Fatality once again. Probably the only person I know who says playing with F keys is too easy and at the same time tag teaming Misfits ranks with couck on a daily basis at Revs. Congratulations. -Matt
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    Mini Promotions

    With the new direction Fatality is headed in along with the recent rank changes we've made, we are now also making some changes to the rank team itself. These promotions will help us in all aspects of the game as every single person on this list adds something special to a certain area of the game. Twin | Fuh my life - If you've been at a midweek you have seen this man. Always scouting, leading,calling without any question. If there is something this man can do it's hosting a good midweek event! Im excited to work with Twin and see him step up even more now hes in the rank team ~ CouckSchweden | Kimmy cakes - I mean what is there to say about this guy. Whenever you got Officer you've been stepping up in so many aspects. Always making our discord active, interacting with our newer members and doing bridding events. Whenever we need anything done we can always PM this guy. I can't wait to work together with you even more and congratulations on your promotion. - Jacco Lennu - yes grats Light Mayhem - This man along with paddy single handedly killed Misfits from the inside. If we get a gwass on a clan, a teamspeak leak, a perfect hit then this man is probably the main reason for giving us that. Light Mayhem is the guy everyone in the clan wants and every other clan hates. Welcome to the team ~ CouckHanuman - The king caller himself , since being here You've helped us in strides in calling and helping us improve in leadership roles as well. Can't wait to see what the most potential and smartest member of sick pure clan fatality can do with this badge. ~ Lee
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    As promised, we are taking the first steps towards a more organized, strong, and resilient clan and clan structure. We are taking a top-level approach and applying the appropriate rank to every single member to capture a better snapshot of what our active core is made up of. After carefully considering every single person's activity, effort, and determination to succeed, we have decided to promote and demote the following individuals: Tyendinaga - The man by my side. You're no stranger to having this position, and as one lee's brain cut off so that's about itBlissful - My fuckin' boy stepping up. We doing big things together and I'm glad you're along for the ride. You've been doing some good shit and I'm excited to see what you can do with this rank team. I know you have a ton of potential in you and I'm expecting you to step up even more.V1ce - After the clanwars portal bullied Vice out of runescape for a couple of weeks, he came back stronger than ever. Vice is the main drive behind the recruitment team. The amount of effort Vice has put in the last months has been amazing and not gone unnoticed. If theres something that needs to be done Vice is the man. Welcome to the rank team.Roman - You've proven time and time again how great of an asset you have been to Fatality, whether its been through carrying part of our core, recruiting great members to the heart of Fatality, or just always being there when we need you. You've more than earned your spot as an officer and I can't wait to see what more you're able to do with this.Lucifer - Our favorite MOPP MOPP has showcased his talents quite well here and we think you're ready to take it to the next step. Sean - <22:50:31> "Brazil": Congratz spaz slave thanks for slaving Jackal - Since coming back from you vacation you'ven been putting effort out the ass to make Fatality great again, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. We can't wait to see what more you can do with this. With promos comes some people stepping down. Big shoutout to @Jacco for his time serving Fatality, unfortunately due to real life circumstances he has stepped down. Thank you for everything you have done Jacco, hopefully we can still see you around often.
  10. Today is a special day for Fatality & the future of Fatality.  As you can see we upgraded our forums to make it look more clean and professional. We are proud to present you one of the best looking and working forums in the pure clanning world. This wouldn't of been possible without @BIGTREVOR so a huge thank you to him for doing all of this.  Aswell as to @Josh and @Paddy for paying most of it. Quick note: Forums have been rollbacked 2 weeks as you may have noticed & some images are still being fixed. I hope you all like it and if theres any problem you have or find make sure to let me know. Aswell as if you're a guest reading this and you lost ur account or access somehow. ~ Fatality rank team
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    LPC scene prediction?

    Eop was a main clan so them closing won't affect that much. Only issue here is if apex turns out to use mains against Foe now and Foe keeps being a main clan aswell. Only then the scene will suck dick. Aswell as ir being some pussy ass niggas doesn't help alot at this moment. Eop closing is a very good thing but it will now all depend if clans continue to use mains despite the most useless/cancer main clan being gone.
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    Skilling sucks..

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    rip eop

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    Surprised to see anyone would be friends with @Jayhawk .. damn @Lumpykins what u think?
  16. Welcome to the 97th REAL NIGGA awards hosted by @Tyrone and Couck !!! Sponsored by @Angelin's gold shop and @Jons Firecapeshop and not so much by Bdays hotdog shop cus that nigga broke as shit Anyway here are the official real nigga awards !!!!!! Oh yh if u didn't win ur below Pure Elite or i just forgot about ur dumbass fuck you
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    lucky or ...unlucky?

    All these irons
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    Job's done.

    Im making this public so Zee kev can see what he did to his clan. Let me state that i actually like most misfits members i just dislike their ranks and what they stand for. They act innocent but are the biggest faggot scumbags in the pure community behind EOP. When i came back after the he who shall not be named issue in June some old buddies we're piping up to Fatality. It was a clan called misfits, now in the past we already murdered this clan so not sure what their idea was behind all this but moving on to that they decided to brag about hacking @Magic when it wasn't even a real hack. Im not going into full detail as everyone saw what happened but we pretty much stomped this shit clan to pulling 20's for 3 full months while we were thriving for all of those months and Zee kev even dipped the fuck out of his own clan. The fact that they closed a week after their anniversary after inviting literally every w18 pker before their trip acting like they were big says enough of how much confidence they actually have in their ranks,clan and members. They tried to close on a high note with that but we all know better, goodbye faggots was easy. With that said im stepping down as i haven't been active for a while now and the clan is doing pretty damn amazing now and has a solid rank structure so the clan will be fine! I'll still be around to fix some things if needed ofcourse and will comeback if you niggas ever struggling aswell as always. Much love and the real nigga awards will be late since im in hawaii as u know
  21. As shown in my signature i am clearly the smartest nigga around here so i got an announcement. Everyone knows these dumb awards are just like watching a pre-show.. so these awards are the pre-show for the Real Nigga Awards which will come out tomorrow!
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    The Don