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  1. Sorry for the scuffed picture but this cringe shit long as fuck LOL. These weirdos actually gonna *close* us bro omg!!! See you tomorrow
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    30v30 Champions

    We've come a long way boys. Coming from repeatedly losing to Redemption in F2P preps to crushing them on a regular basis, this clan has turned a full 180.  I am so proud of how far we have come and look forward to see how much further we can go from here.  Each and every single one of your efforts, as an individual and a team, have contributed to this victory.  Let's keep this momentum going and set our sights high.  Great fucking work boys!
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  5. Welcome to the 108th REAL NIGGA AWARDS. It's a special year ever since @Bday's momma got pregnant and he had to leave fi for it we have lost a real nigga. However we moved on, got stronger as real niggas and now hosted by @Tyrone and Myself we present the REAL NIGGA AWARDS. Sponsored by @Single Strip's kebab shop @3 Brews @Airborne @Ali @Anqi @Ben @Blissful @Brazil @Bruinz @Chino @Cloud Badass @Conway @Crumble @Craig @Davey @DDOS @Demo @Devin @Joseph @Sly Waffle @Harry the3rd @Magic @Jacco @Jake @Jaya @Jons @Light Mayhem @Fi lucifer @Lumpykins @Maffiajef6 @Marwan @MyPride @old chub @Opticals @Out @Pex @Prod @Qrind @Ranqe 1 @Roman @Sean @Single Strip @Steezy @Stigi @Schweden @Tyendinaga @V1ce @XGRX
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    Ahh yes we livin

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    Af sucks we love rot
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    Hey Everyone:)

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    Hi guys I'm back ish

    U suck
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    High risk briddings

    Are u that dutch guy that was fi
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    Sunday back in the saddle

    welcome back
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    pie37 intro

    Hello there
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