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    What’s your clan history?

    dp, fatality
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    What do you do for work?

    Catfish white people for alot of money.
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    New Sponsor!

    https://www.rsjackpot.org/ CODE 'FATALITY' AT CHECKOUT. We are a runescape dedicated case opening site that gives players fair chances at winning millions for just a few bucks. We have delivered over 96,000 cases since our opening in 2015. We are happy to be a sponsor of the community and plan on bringing giveaways and discounts to those in Fatality that are interested in our service :). https://rsjackpot.org/
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    New Sponsor!

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    New Sponsor!

    For those of you wondering - discord: https://discord.gg/s6Xtjvn
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    New Sponsor!

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    New Sponsor!

    As you may have noticed we have gotten ourself a new sponsor! This is not only great for the site payments but also for every single one of you here. If you are looking to get some cheap GP + a 3% Bonus for all Fatality members look no further. partypeteshop will be selling GP 24/7 aswell as buying your gold. Simply go to there website here https://www.partypeteshop.com/ref/clanfi/ for all the other info.
  8. As you all know misfits is a low tier quality clan that tried starting shit with us and it backfired pretty badly. This topic will be used to show all our +1s we've gotten from Misfits ONLY. They are pretty bad with being able to keep their prays up i must say. Fatality Presents; Plus ones from Low Tier Clan Misfits (probably missed some & will update as we get more of them soon..) 1M + only
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    Raids Drops

    As you know we've been doing quite a bit of raids lately, so decided to make one topic and show off all our drops we've gotten! You can always join us if we're doing it aslong as you have a DWH and don't troll/afk. We will explain you how to do everything if ur new aswell. Total amount of money made ~ 2080M Twisted Bows Ancestral Elder maul Dragon Crossbows Dragon Claws Prayer Scrolls Twisted Bucklers Extras
  10. I noticed some if not all eop members are keyboard warriors now. So now it's time to turn the tables on them and remind them a bit of their "history", if you can even call it that. If you don't wanna read we have @Jordai  reading us the whole topic To start off this great story about delusional EOP members, I have to say it's really funny that a clan that closed 7 Times is acting like they're on top of the world. Let me quickly remind you of some things: - You needed 55 TLP+RD members in a fullout to even pull 100 & to fight our elders who didn't play for years. On top of that you had to ddoss 20 people and you are actually proud of that. That's just funny as a motherfucker. You'll never beat Fatality in the time you're open fairly. - You closed 7 times- You pulled 65 to your anniversary? What the fuck. We pulled 120 to our 10 year and every clan had sign ups for us. And we still destroyed everyone. - You think you're on top of the world now just because it's your anniversary? Every single clan pulls +50 of what you pulled to anniversary's. If you really think that will save you you're all delusional. - Your leadership is weak. They won't stay around. Tyler is a 25 year old with a 12 year old voice. He leaked me SV boards 2 years ago, got declined in Fi after he did, leaked EOP locations more than once and he's ur leader now. Im sure a lot of you are really tired of having to listen to his annoying voice. I won't even mention the other 2 leaders since they don't even do anything apart from making a video about the trip.  - Oh yeah did you know you closed 7 times LMAO.- While Fatality lost one prep in fight pits/clan wars during 2014-2015 and was already #1 in the wild for a year+ after killing mmand foe, what did you do in osrs? Exactly jack shit. You were pulling 10s while every other clan pulled 100s don't forget that. No clan, not a single one will ever come close to what Fatality was at the end of 2013-start of 2015. And I actually have facts/videos to prove it. What do you have? - In 3 and a half months you won 1 prep and you won one 20v20 vs foe and you actually have the courage to call yourself #1 matched.- Oh and you closed 7 times lmao.Quick note: Feel free to leak our member boards, I have nothing to hide. Also feel free to dox me or leak my stuff from now/few years ago whatever I'll actually cam up with every single one of the eop members and looking hot as fuck while doing so. Feel free to pm me for a cam session (I'm sure none of you will apart from [Fi]murd) because I've seen your irl's and had a good laugh. Oh and failed foe hc pixel pigeon let me remind you of what eop ranks/legends think of you. The only reason you're in EOP is because no other clan wants you anymore you reject lmfao. I won't even post it all simply because I don't want my friend @Joseph to get all the pictures again. I found some myself tho   What their ex warlord thinks of eop Also Goop went inactive once again because of your disgusting leadership. He's probably in your leaderboards saying something like this again
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    6 years later

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Sir Winston Churchill
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    New Sponsor!

    As you may have noticed we have gotten ourself a new sponsor! The newest Sponsor RsGoldRush been here with us for a few weeks now and i can say it's a great trusted site to buy anything you'll ever need to play runescape!
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    Kii Lo Introduction

  14. As promised, we're not done. We just getting started. This will actually never end for you. Part 3: Down syndrome Da maffia king Killa The guy who acts tough on sharkbrew discord 24/7 but in pm's and in rank channel he thinks alot different! Helping foe again, rot won't like this! Hope all is well x Thought legacy didn't use mains? Questioning ranks why they're running from Fatality.. well i know why, you should too by now! Lmao killa's recruits Panic mode cus his pk leader stopped giving a fuck after a week Before impact After impact My man wanting to tap out already! Doxing foe ranks for "fun" So much for being a "clean clan" i obviously left out the crucial info/picture as we don't support that kind of stuff here. Killa if he was a member lmao! There is hope though, he does realize his clan can't beat anyone! 200 Iq tactics Dead clan Type it for daddy Flaming another clan.. This explains...alot.
  15. I have saved the best for last which will come out later this week so no need to worry. Also there might be a live leak soon, they haven't been able to catch the rank leaking yet! To no one's surprise i suppose as you guys can tell by now they aren't very smart! This part will include some big downies like David and Cookiezs but also some randoms! Part 3 Will have my best friend in it and will be the best so stay tuned for that! Before we start i had some conversation with a legacy member and his thought after all their rank stuff got leaked. Not looking good! Here is some of what he had to say! Kenny is fighting for the nazi's boys. Big intel man cookiezs knows it all. When you realise you fucked up and see your drops pull. Yoinks! David acting like hes not a rank in his own clan and thinks in "his" clan things would be different? What a nice community Legacy has. You can't ever complain about a main hitting you EVER again dirty scumbags. The big 500 IQ move from David to just bank 24/7 and tele out rather than fight. What a great mentality sir! My guy 2h best kid, get out while you can! Your ranks are leaking you are innocent! Very wise idea to improve, fuck practice! Yes, you run like dogs. I wonder why u got banned =] One prep win and they won't prep the same clan anymore lmao. What a mentality No we have @Conway you won't even win that war. Caws my man, get out! They just flame you. Hotgun and Brady if you out there i feel sorry for you Exdee
  16. This is for Roman,Chris and all of Fatality. This whole week we'll be releasing Legacy's rank logs. This will include some best ofs of our personal favorite ranks in Legacy. Aswell as a compilation of all of their dumbass ranks at the end of the week. We ofcourse will start with the biggest dumbass first, Sam. Quick note: As you can see despite you changing your rank chans and remaking them 24/7 we have all of them. If you dare to call these fake we will release all of your rank logs. We are respectful enough to not share account details you guys put in, irl info, or anything scummy like that. You doxed our people and we don't step that low but we will retaliate in another way as you can see. Fatality presents; The best of Sam in rank chan - Enjoy Sam is close to giving up already Fair to say Sam is a wise man (sometimes)! 10/10 Trip prediciton Sam's 200 IQ plan to save legacy and concerns The damage we've done is not fixable. They don't even have an idea of where to fight because they suck everywhere ! Our old friend Caws former Misfits Leak got Legacy good aswell and little sam thought he could keep him to slave for him LOL! What their own ranks think about Sam and how they disrespect him ! Sam getting flamed once again by his own ranks while trying to be a leader and admitting they're losing to Fatality! The prep issue and why they barely prep anyone Flaming our brother Nox.. Rude i must say. What depression looks like My boy getting flamed once again Finding a miniwar - The sam edition The leaders are clearly best friends When you prep legacy remember Sam invites everyone from other clans! Be aware people. Poor Sam keeps getting emotionally abused. It really keeps going all day every day Breaking down Sam 101 Part 2 tomorrow/tuesday
  17. Be on this weekend celebrating 13 years and 2 weeks of fatality

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