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  1. 99 Slayer

  2. Who you got?

  3. Next time you gonna have to pay us to advertise for whatever the fuck you just said buddy..
  4. Overall Clan Ranking 2005-2017

    #1 Foe because consistent #2 Fatality no one ever came close to what Fatality was from 2012-2014 and probably never will be. When on top Fi is unstoppable unlike the clans that are "on top" now no one even knows whos better than who. When Fi was #1 everyone was afraid and no one will ever come close to those years. #3 Tlp #4 Epidemic #5 MM everyone who put these retards higher have issues or just don't know anything. Mm was never as good as they said or is being said. Only thing they were good at is using propaganda & only fighting on their rules. In the wilderness they got stomped every single week and in clw they only fight with dumb rules. Aswell as having to cheat in the jcup pretty badly to find an excuse to close because they couldn't handle a slump makes me put them at #5 #6 Ir #7 Zenith #8 War just because of their quality members and community #8 Eop Gotta give it to them to take every single retard and clanhopper that exists for all those years and keep them for a few months everytime.
  5. Overall Clan Ranking 2005-2017

    people saying mm #1 don't know shit holy cringe lmaoo