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  1. Couck


    Your mom doesn't love u
  2. Yeah it was super dissapointing especially because mm clowns were the reason we had to get a jmod involved Says a lot how scared they were about Fi then though
  3. When Mayhem makers were slumping because we detroyed them untill they pulled 20 wopping people to a weekend trip for a month or two straight they decided during the jcup to get the 'invite rights' first then they refused to invite half of fatality. We then had to get this stupid spastic mod mat k to "organize" it 2 weeks later but the clown invited every single person that was standing there. There was no clanwars yet it was a special thing made for jcup and they fucked it up. Mm had foe+mains. Funny how foe went with them just to get their members after closing while being their biggest rivals. They even "thanked" them in their closing speech. Pure scumbag behaviour. The funniest thing is we almost beat all their shitty ass mains and foe but there were too many. We got reveng on fo+mm a year later beating the absolute shit out of those retards in the next jcup Eop don't think they need any words. Scummiest clan and every single person that was part of doxing/ddossing and is proud of it is a reject. They're even proud of winning preps where they ddossed half the other clan and posted videos about it. Absolutely shitty ass clan and makes sense why they closed 8 times, with those kind of people you can't have a good community. So my scumbag ratings eop,mm,fo Zenith is nothing but a dogshit low tier massing clan who will get absolutely fucked under our pressure.
  4. Destined pures in like 06 Fatality 07-08 13-now
  5. I mean i wouldn't want to risk my ip being on zenith forums either knowing Elve.
  6. You sound annoying but i guess being from florida no1 should expect any less
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