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  1. Henny Le Flame

  2. After another misfits leader went MIA.. my friend *Hita* decided it was time for him to take lead and get them killed at todays pk trip! Hearing misfits was out with 15 we massed up the same amount in the hopes they would fight us. Sadly the moment we logged in ontop of them the first time they ran south straight away panicking. Luckily our TBER squad was quick to throw some godly tb's and we killed most of them. After this they tried to mass up more but sadly this wasn't the case.. unfortunate! Anyways, we logged in ontop of them for round two and pretty much destroyed them. You could compare misfits right now to iRihanna's IRL situation; broken. After round 2 misfits decided to sit in singles with 10 people being 2 scared to go rev pking anymore while we had 3 run ins with IR. Videotapes Pictures [LIVE PICTURES FROM MISFITS SITTING IN SINGLE BEING SCARED AND MEMBERS ASKING IF THEY'RE ENDING] Other pics
  3. Kellen's Intro

  4. I got approached today by another misfit member sadly he did not want to go on voice chat this time so had to do it over text.. i even got his permission to leak this time! V1 Topic Quick note hes currently still going on about random shit but i'll save you guys that unless it's really good.. <-- they can figure out who that is lmao I didn't really have the time to talk to this guy as i was busy setting something up so i let my friend @0bbyx do the talks..
  5. Driezy


    Looking at your avatar you'll fit in with the weirdos that post in our #nsfw channel on discord
  7. Let's mass up for one hour after getting killed to tele out the moment we hit the wild. Very amazing logic!

  8. Thank you for all the votes so far! i will relay this to said clan and make sure they know this is not the way to lead a clan!
  9. After we killed a clan today they decided to mass up for one hour to just tele out straight away after hearing we were logging in. I question to you my people how you guys would feel? If you would feel like something else please let me know in the comments below!
  10. big milestone

    come pk inactive shitter
  11. Hey