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  1. gratsss
  2. i was personally on a bike ride while my bff @Irish smoker misfits LOL talk shit about my bike get banned btw
  3. Heard misfits tried to pk at 6 am thinking we wouldn't chase them lmfao.. We quickly gathered 20 people and chased them around and got some +1s of them (again) If you want to pk without having to worry about us you should prep us or 1v1 us in the wilderness and we will let you =] Videotapes Pictures
  4. Went out with 50 People on this fine Sunday and chased misfits around the map the whole day pretty much aswell as getting some fights with ir when every clan ended. For some reason misfits thinks they gwassed us in single (?) yet our cape counter didnt drop & they tele'd the fuck out like the bitches they are. I must say it's pretty sad that misfits won't 1v1 us but it is what it is. Videos Pic
  6. lmfao
  7. How long will it take misfits to fight us in multi?
  8. @Pure-v-M This is what ur ranks do :/
  9. vouch
  10. my bff jordon will come to daddy