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  1. Couck

    Dutch Introduction

    Mf sucked dick
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    grats fatality

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    Guide on how to clear eop in 10sec

    On some king shit
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    This guy

    Ask him what happened during the 13 year anni, he has me blocked ever since.
  6. Nigerians are glad to announce our OFFICIAL APPLICATION FORM is now open to the public! Do you want to hang out with real niggas? Real niggas who smoked eop 89-0 and foe in multiple fullouts? Do you want to hang out with real niggas and talk shit about tyens bald head? This is YOUR chance!!! Before every application gets looked into, you need to pay 10 Million to Couck or @Tyrone All money will be spend to better the lives of Nigerians! Please fill out the form: What makes you think we gonna accept you nigga? What is the purpose of life? How much did EOP Suck? Are you prepared to die for your niggas? Post your IRL picture with #nigerians on your 4head Thank you, if you are accepted you will get a discord invite to nigeria and a boat ride to the beautiful country of Nigeria ~ Nigerian Staff
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    Funny IRC Quotes

  8. Damn came to one prep in 5 months and legacy still sucks dick
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    Elve's Reintro