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  1. Good news! We as Fatality (excluding @Blissful ) Are now taking donations for our charity program called "RangePolice" You can donate ingame gp or paypal money. Make sure u message "couck/vice president of nigeria" on forums/discord or teamspeak to get the full details!

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    lmao @Jaya
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    Elek's intro

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    it's me....wilma.

    Welcome back Flinstone
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    god bless for being a pure

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    Dear Lord Ex

    my nigga
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    Dear Lord Ex

    Welcome my kilt wearing nigga
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    Dear Lord Ex

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    Dear Lord Ex

    Since you've blocked me due to your past Clan experience I reach out to you, my old friend Lord Ex, you leaked me Legacy rank logs you leaked me locations and we still wouldn't accept you in to Fatality because you're just a dumb ape who resorts to doxing. Now i haven't been that active but i heard you been doing this doxing thing because you feel powerful behind your computer but you should not forget what happened in your past clan & what happened to the people who doxed there. You're not safe at all, not in the game & not behind your PC. Since i finally took note of you doxing people, i wish you the best of luck, tomorrow ingame and out of it. Sincerely Your monkey lover
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    Back in business