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  1. Couck

    this is why i do revs!! #holyrng

    #zulrah #ranqe1 #cometriptomorrow
  2. Couck

    Dear Disabled Main Clan Users

    yes see you tomorrow faggot
  3. This is just the start. 3 People have already left your clan after today. Now, you can continue to use all the mains you want this won't help you in the long run (it didn't help CP the worst clan of all time voted by literally every single pure member ever) and it won't help you. Also, i would find a new spot to train at 😋
  4. Couck

    Grats Elve

  5. Couck

    SS Introduction

  6. Couck

    Safe's Intro

    Ancient Fury sucked
  7. Couck


    hey mate long time
  8. Couck

    Hi Fam.

  9. Couck

    Hey brothers

    I like you as a person but to me it's pretty damn stupid they slapped ex-fi back on you when you left fi at a crucial time along with others that failed in other clans as ranks for example and now act big because fi pulls steady 60 again. It's pretty cringe how everyones just saying welcome back so even if it doesn't mean alot to you i think it's fucked up u left at a crucial time and are now returning when foe' has rot ont their ass but oh well we'll see in a few months again
  10. Couck

    Misfits Memes

    @Jaya @Dashyyy @MyPride
  11. Couck


    yes i would have hoped after doxing someone everyone would've forgotten indeed.
  12. Couck


    Yes i expected you to be braindead after seeing u brag about doxing indeed.