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  1. Sell gp $1/1m pm me on discord or here Discord : mouewoue #2764 Discord nickname in Fi channel is B41T
  2. Buy 110m today in about 5 hrs

    Bruhhh I was up like 200m over like a week of staking and then all gone in 30 min 😂
  3. Buy 110m today in about 5 hrs

    Yepp lol 300m gf
  4. Looking for 110m $1 per mil may want more than just 110
  5. @Jons name gets reset but this guy...

    All thats missing is hot sauce lol
  6. how to get brid kills

    Get emm haha
  7. Slave Work

    Dont go and ruin your pure man way too much work/time for maxed 1 def hmu later today Im at work right now @Society
  8. 99 Magic

    Grats man almost titan level did you burst some of that?
  9. Vatos Gang is Back BABY!

    Ayee uak
  10. Amateur hour

    😂😂😂 I would be salty too
  11. Buy 100m Right now!

    its 90 combat with 70 pray and clan won't allow that right now
  12. Buy 100m Right now!

    I will make a pure when I can have 75 attack/70prayer not gonna waste my time until then @Alcoholic
  13. Buy 100m Right now!

    I don't think the person I got it from has anymore right now I just get mad when I get cleaned I always come back lol I havn't played in like 3 years the last few weeks have been lit though Its good being back
  14. Buy 100m Right now!

    Thats fine I got my 100m already