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  1. Society

    Hey friends

    who r u, thought u were always inactive
  2. Society

    Hey friends

    Aaand now we’re friends
  3. Society

    Hey friends

    @Khi u better remember me baby @Kevo @-Turbo i remember you as well brother, hmu sometime @krZ i got love for alot of fi people, but ion love any1 more than wilmar ❤️ yessir @Kenny just cuz i went to papas and beer in mexico over spring break to see lil pump and smoke purp, but lil pump decided to be a hoe and not come out, i hate you. Change my mind @Essskeettit
  4. Society

    Hey friends

    Dope im same 96hp/94 magic add my main pure society, ill add u next time im on g
  5. Society

    Hey friends

    @Leegood to hear from u brother and gotcha understood, am I eligible to get it back? @Garble u got me g? We’ll see what happens brother! Cb lvl(s)?
  6. Society

    Hey friends

    Might get back into scape, my life has settled itself out finally (ish) so we'll see how this goes.. Any new quests/items i need to do for pures? for those of you that don't know, i have a maxed 75 att pure and a 62 cb gmauler... Miss havin fun pk seshs on ts so add my ign to pk @society @xsociety P.S - If anyone is tryna dump some gp, i gotchu on venmo 20m or so for pk supplies both accs im sure some people around here that know me can vouch @krZ @Couck Also ranks, wheres my clan friend ;(
  7. Society

    Need Range Levels

    so get to it
  8. Society

    Need Range Levels

    Looking for 73-80 range acc is 15 pray/70 hp/1 def. Up2u how u train, sand crabs etc
  9. Society

    BONELESS Services

    pm me if u can do 15 pray range training
  10. Society

    Another one finished.

  11. Society

    Jobs - need done asap

    No u bc i already have a con offer
  12. Society

    Jobs - need done asap

    Training for my gmaul pure fell through so im looking for a few things 72-82 range on my gmauler (blowpipe @ sand crabs?) 1-65 construction 1-40 agility horror from the deep done (agility needs to be done first)
  13. Society

    BONELESS Services

    u down for some agility big dog?
  14. Society

    Need ancient mace

  15. Society

    Slave needed

    Need agility first but noted