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  1. Need Range Levels

    so get to it
  2. Need Range Levels

    Looking for 73-80 range acc is 15 pray/70 hp/1 def. Up2u how u train, sand crabs etc
  3. BONELESS Services

    pm me if u can do 15 pray range training
  4. Another one finished.

  5. Jobs - need done asap

    No u bc i already have a con offer
  6. Jobs - need done asap

    Training for my gmaul pure fell through so im looking for a few things 72-82 range on my gmauler (blowpipe @ sand crabs?) 1-65 construction 1-40 agility horror from the deep done (agility needs to be done first)
  7. BONELESS Services

    u down for some agility big dog?
  8. Need ancient mace

  9. Slave needed

    Need agility first but noted
  10. Slave needed

    Pm me your price
  11. Need ancient mace

    This is ur boy for anything
  12. Slave needed

    Offer? can do all the jobs or be selective up to the slave ps i miss u bb
  13. Slave needed

    Looking for someone to grind what i refuse to 1-65 con 1-50 agility horror from the deep quest (including bar crawl)
  14. Slave Work

    Looking for someone to make me a new account pretty much. Considering turning my maxed ags acc into a zerker or main (for bridding/staking). If i wanted to do that, id like to make a new pure and will eventually be a maxed 60 attack but will start as a gmauler... With that being said, looking for someone to make me an account with: 50 attack 75 Strength 82 range 13 pray + with any neccasary attack quests and avas+ mith gloves. Pm me or post below prices and we can work something out. If person is trusted enough, i am willing to pay first, or have a rank hold $ etc. We can work out the specifics at the right time. thanks boys
  15. Pest control update is here

    Whats the xp/hr we can earn here assuming pts are put for hp (im 96 hp for example..)