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  1. Some people....

    Does he expect not to take any damage?...
  2. Another One

    I'm jealous
  3. Lucky ironman

    not sure what that is but gratz
  4. 99 hp/Maxed/Need post count

    @Schweden where u at bruh??
  5. Back to maging - thanks for the donation Matt

    Can we kick this kid from the clan please? @Whisky use your new found powers please.
  6. 99 hp/Maxed/Need post count

    I did a thing, with under 900 total level.
  7. Leadership Promotions

    You forgot me couck.
  9. The road to TITAN

    imma beat you
  10. I did a thing and got 99 mage

    I got 99 mage.... 400k from 99 hp and maxed hmmm.... + post count obivously is why this was made...
  11. Ah yes the grind is almost over

    Ew so much effort, I’m sorry.
  12. The road to TITAN

    Same level in same place****
  13. The road to TITAN

    Same level i got yesterday. COPYING.
  14. Master Race

    Gratz, im about to get me that shit after i get this fuckin 99 hp/mage
  15. Farmtality like its 2010

    Gratz, we need to bring Farmtaility back, good times used to do herb runs in the middle of returning and you'd see like 4 fi members as you did the shit rofl