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  1. killkillnill_Eddy

    Combat 66-69?

    I got it (well im trying im get super unlucky. but i have 3 accounts.)
  2. killkillnill_Eddy

    Combat 66-69?

    Does anyone have an account that's 66-69 combat that's willing to either let me use the account, or you be on the account, and help me get a rune pouch on my Ironman. I have access to a level 69, and my combat level is 66 on my ironman. you can contact me here, ingame, or on forums. The best option is discord though. My chat is normally off so if I'm in game I'll probably be in "fatality" cc discord - imthabeast#6213 IGN - imthairon
  3. killkillnill_Eddy


  4. killkillnill_Eddy

    lul a pet

    Reported for racism.
  5. killkillnill_Eddy

    lul a pet

  6. killkillnill_Eddy

    Greetings earthlings

    ohai thought you were dead. sup?
  7. killkillnill_Eddy

    Talk Shit Get Hit @Freryd2lumby

  8. killkillnill_Eddy

    Talk Shit Get Hit @Freryd2lumby

    I'm just going to stop clicking on your topics.
  9. killkillnill_Eddy

    Is it too late to app for titan?

    30 def req actually
  10. killkillnill_Eddy

    Eddy can't spell

    Fuck both of you.
  11. killkillnill_Eddy

    Eddy can't spell

    This shits 70k on GE for a reason dude
  12. killkillnill_Eddy

    Eddy can't spell

    Just got a palm tree seed from a bird neds on the iron man. Fuckin GOML
  13. killkillnill_Eddy

    Eddy can't spell

    So why are you there?.........
  14. killkillnill_Eddy

    Eddy can't spell

    Aren't you supposed to be at some type of fucking event irl? be social you fucking nerd.
  15. killkillnill_Eddy

    Marwan lit af