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  1. For you aussies

    i fucking heard this live on triple J lmaooo
  2. Few more levels

    keep on that grind homie
  3. Routine

    make 1 pure 75 atk/prayer for trips and the other 99 atk/prayer for clw
  4. Zulrah luck!

    just the tip pls
  5. Zulrah luck!

    nice pal
  6. Can't wait to slap foe around 2morrow

  7. Kawaii's intro ≧◡≦

    ah yes welcome
  8. ima be realistic and say 2 weeks
  9. Punched Intro

    gday mate, welcome to the forums
  10. Leet's Intro

    Welcome m8, if you enjoy a non autistic community this is the place to be
  11. Shard

    where the fk is that lmao
  12. Solo Raid Loot

    in-game butt plug, new jagex promotion
  13. Be on for F2P Prep vs. Sup today too
  14. Rune rocks cleared

    we out here doing bad shit nigga
  15. trustin the process

    hell yea boi