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  1. big woots

    lets raid fuck ya
  2. Atmosphere was fuckin lit boys, great to see some old faces
  3. liams

    if jew fuck off aye
  4. I'm Fucking Done.

    great news
  5. Whipz's intro

    Yo welcome to the forums, hope this is a good fit for you mate
  6. 99 range out of the way~

    nice work mate
  7. Join me saturday with your blue swords wielded

    hell yeah brother ill be there
  8. By the way

    the homie, well done
  9. fwfwffwe

    I remember you bro, welcome back to the community.
  10. D Scim > DDS only m8
  11. P2P PvP Tournament Mass at 7:00PM AEST (AUS) | 5:00AM EST (USA) Start at 7:30PM AEST (AUS) | 5:30AM EST (USA) Rules: Pk Gear Attire (No +1's, including regen/B ring/etc) D Scim > DDS Progressional Death Match (see below for example) 5m winner takes all pot Hope to see a good turn out!
  12. 2 more

    you fast, gratti mate
  13. 99 magician

    still untrimmed hp btw
  14. Need full void (All helms)

    Hmu with prices, need full void on my main with all 3 helms
  15. Ahh yes, 2/3

    wdf huge