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  1. Hard Diary done!

    Yoooooooooo, not sure what that is but it looks beastly! Congrats bro (:
  2. do you even magic

    Nice 1 mate
  3. Throwback

    Yesss Turny bad boy tuneee
  4. Suits

    Weak calves hai thur ;D
  5. Fun event vid 2nd and 1st place.

    Loool would love to have been there, looked fun .
  6. Fatality Dark

    Nice switch mate , I like this one a lot more feels like home ;D
  7. So I dried my hands with Zenith today

    that hand is deffo around 9-10% body fat shreddedddd brahhh looool xD
  8. lol

    Looooooool xD these vid's are funneh ;D
  9. Irl gains

    Looking pretty sick, keep it up mate!
  10. Tyrone's Questing Service

    Sickkkk fam, i'm jumping back on this game soonish! this would be a big help. How'd your exams go anyway g you merk em yh
  11. She Wants the D

    loooooooooooooooooooool thats tooo funny xD
  12. I'm on one

    Jheeze making some movements g
  13. Was 15 she was 14.. I wanted 2 fk her in the school toilet but she disagreed :c so she planned a day when her parents were out, it was decent lasted about 10mins bussed inside her she thought she was pregnant and cried lol (despite the fact I used a condom)
  14. Nigga tries to justify beheading attack

    This is sooooo fucked up its unreal. The man did nothing wrong to deserve that, he was a soldier serving his country.... it was bound to happen though, I'm not shocked. Taking part in actions like this will only make it worse for both party's tbh