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  1. Old ass Fi pk trip pics / anniversary / kills

    Awesome Strange to think that 8 years ago was only 2008, seems like much less time has actually passed.
  2. Back in the days of rc robes and when you could actually hug trees to get away... Game mechanics back then were so much better.
  3. That kid on sharkbrew is fucking painful.
  4. getting fat

  5. Pure Fail Introduction XD

    What's your voiders name? I might have fought you a few times on mine
  6. Hi, I'm new here.

    Why is your name so familiar?
  7. Hello! :)

    Look who it is... @@loovley Should definitely follow this intro up with an app from you and your nhing/luring mates and maybe even I'd be tempted to come back and join to get in on the fun for old time's sake
  8. Doesn't look like you guys are doing too well at the moment.. Hopefully you guys can pick up an increase in numbers over the next few weeks/months as it's disgusting to see EoP and RD doing (somewhat) well.
  9. 1750

    v cute lol
  10. You didn't hear about what happened?
  11. Hello it us active Fatality

    Reminds me of back in the control forum days @@Peen @@Borzor  
  12. hello

    this guy
  13. YOOITZKID | Introduction

    oh lordy
  14. Update on all the stats

    Interesting build.