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  1. hai

    maybe make more topics
  2. Barrows :p

    what type of ironman shit is this!
  3. ayee young waspy dog coming through hot
  4. 300M

    big guy aint fuckn round

    Its rare that the top dog deprives his hungry young pups a feast but today i ate As per usual thanks nightshift for good hits on MF and kop, we had our first decent return fight which we will be prepared for next time to clear those lil wanna-bees
  6. anyone interested

    maybe @Ranqe 1?
  7. this why i hate anime

    This vid has under 100 views, you searching this or what ?
  8. We r killers

    Been here twice and going again in November. Indonesians are a careless race & bali is the asshole of the Asian specific
  9. da fuckin boysssss
  10. 1500+

    what be the def xp on this here metal man
  11. It's done. I'm out of this clan

    Happy birthday@!
  12. Staketality