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  1. Come on, Merk. We talked about this

    great bants
  2. goals & achievements topic #2 btw

    virtual pat on the back would ya
  3. 23. 2018 Max Caper LMFAO

    big grats big cookie
  4. Hi bois

    Hey @P U M P and welcome to our community To quickly answer your main question, yes. We pk heavily every single day where at anytime you can look at our discord and usually find 10+ people running rev trips and hunting other clans who dare step foot in the wild. We aren't actively sharing these trips on community forums but you can find a pk aftermath on our own forums every single day. The best thing you could do would be to join our discord (By clicking the discord logo in our site's banner) and introducing yourself to people and seeing if you click well with our guys.
  5. [Part 1] Spring Promos 2018

    stronggg promos
  6. PX closed

    no surprise
  7. 200kc zulrah tab

    juicy tab friend
  8. rofl

  9. no food no worrys RIP m8

    clean bit of pvp there wasp dog
  10. still grinding and that

    wow big guy slow down wow
  11. help @couck

    lizard boy
  12. grinding and that

    damn ownage straight up owner