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  1. Emu

    Misfits hype topic wow!!!

    sharkbrew this
  2. Emu

    Ruined Account

    what in the shit
  3. Emu

    Max pure btw

    shouts out to the boys osama bin maxxin
  4. Emu

    [Part 1] Summer Promos 2018

    strong promos, yeah the fucking BOYS
  5. Emu

    Friday - Breaking Zee Kev

    nfi why they started a rivalry we didn't necessarily want just to slump themselves
  6. Emu

    Misfits Memes

  7. Emu

    How to Smoke a Bee in 60 seconds

    this is a word for word commentary of nightshift smoking MF out of revs for weeks
  8. The prophecy foretold that one day the legendary bowman heated would return to rid the Au timezone of all scooter riding 16 year olds, that day is today. We really back baby yellow=dead legoooo
  9. Emu

    What update

    Overloads, summoning and korasiiiiiii
  10. Emu

    Post your best rap lines below...

    roses are red violets are blue im shit at poems show me your pussy
  11. Emu


    gz big boy
  12. Emu


    brother joseph well done