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  1. You Me At6


    Never been but you're defo picking a decent time to go this UK weather shit right now. Have fun boy
  2. You Me At6

    OldAndDirty Intro

    Welcome Seen you in cc frequently
  3. You Me At6

    Pure Slayz Introduction!

  4. You Me At6

    I'm that nigga on the block

    1 more till ovls 🖖
  5. You Me At6

    new introduction

  6. You Me At6

    Well, Thank you

  7. You Me At6

    New member Introduction

  8. You Me At6

    iron update

    Gratz man, banks starting to look stacked too
  9. You Me At6

    JackFrostXx into

    Welcome gl on mith gloves+str what're you at currently?
  10. You Me At6

    Weekend Pov

    Yikes that clan you guys fought at start :S But with that hat+cape combo not surprised they're dog
  11. You Me At6

    mrskinnypenis BLISS magicians vs. IR in 2-0 set

    I actually lol'd. Nicely done too
  12. Looked a lot funner than spamming SB discord for 2 hours 🙄
  13. You Me At6

    Robin hood

    wait that's an iron? You have better stats most non ironman pures have lmao wtf
  14. You Me At6

    finally fking done