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  1. 3 week progress

    Started my new account 3 weeks ago. All that's left to do is sit my ass in nightmare zone for 150 hours and get my magic to 99. I'll be grinding zulrah during my time in nmz for prep gear, I'm apping in 1-2 weeks

    that r some mad gains gj
  3. Broken Wrist

    Grats, which 99 is next?
  4. You Me At 6

    who r u im pretty irrelevant but everyone can see that things have changed
  5. I feel Stronk DOE

    ZU =/= Fi in f2p confirmed
  6. lmfao god bless

    someone kill that guy irl
  7. Heads up

    ty for stating the obvious, no proof needed
  8. yhyhyh

    i tbed
  9. Can i use my ags now pls v2

    nice grinding

  11. Make sure you are Dynamic!

    i am dynamic