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  1. @Lee Paddy will be making an appearance on Sunday's trip then it's back to being active.

  2. l0l so much frail retards in pure community 👋

  3. Why is @Champloos banned from fi forums? Someone pm me it's been a minute lol

  4. I actually lol at leavers in 2k18, but i welcome all back. 

  5. Its been a long time.. whats the current state of clanning you nimrods?

  6. Anyone wants to tell me why did @Anqi @DDOS @Stigi @Maxed Jackal @Dynamic @Rich @robbyy lurking fi website like everyday... so weirdo... get some help bdudy

    1. Sensat1ons


      they explained it on discord but you couldnt hear them goofy

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  7. How bad do you want it? Will you go the extra mile for your clan mates? Will you let them down, or will you prove to everyone why you're a fucking big dick green niggah.

    Show up to events, keep improving. Every single one of you matter.

    1. Sensat1ons


      this is very cringing. U are playing a java based game not finding a cure for cancer my dude. I will lead us to victory by offering 1 bil to whoever recruits 100 people in 1 month

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  8. Selling spare pure account, pm me on discord. 

  9. i opened my own PvM clan with some of my good friends ive known for years, if any of you would be interested in joining on ur mains feel free to contact me trough discord

    1. Sensat1ons


      5 hours ago, 'mark said:

      is this clan open to shit pvm'ers like me?


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  10. selling GP 1.04/m (negotiable) currently 4B stock pm me on discord/forums 

  11. What does donating to the site go towards? Serious inquiry before i start donating 

    1. Sensat1ons


      Keeping our forums safe we haven't been hacked in like 2 years ever since Trevor took over. An increase in security etc ...

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  12. Well done my boys! you guys earned it 25m Drop party Saturday, 25m drop party Sunday. Be there!

  13. Shalom! Happy Hanukkah! Be on for inners tonight as well btw, we’ll light the candles at 6 pm EST 11 pm GMT

  14. Who remembers when @Connor got lured trying to anti-lure a lurer sksksksksk LOOL

  15. Hello friends, how's tricks?