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  2. Sensat1ons

    Fatality's Sunday p2p trip

    nice video
  3. Sensat1ons


    black peple
  4. fix the ranks shown on the top left @Couck is not leader and @Jons is not a warlord hes a reddit user who just became a Lakers fan

    1. Yak


      Why are you on the 2016 Theme lmao

    2. Conway


      how high are you

    3. Couck
  5. Sensat1ons

    Can You bench press 225

    If you can't, no reason you should be in the clan.
  6. Sensat1ons

    Purefect Introooo

    smarter than 90% of the pure community. I accept.
  7. Sensat1ons

    A Hero's Return.

    fuck off this town isnt big enough for 2 of us
  8. Sensat1ons

    Iron Pure

    i dont think koso can get any gayer than this
  9. Sensat1ons

    if losing was an achievement

    thats more than my hut that i live in
  10. Sensat1ons

    Dashyyy's Questing Service

    Do not vouch since I have not used his services.
  11. Sensat1ons

    robby vs whisky #tbt

    fuck whisky he could suck my bwc
  12. Sensat1ons

    4k post count

    gets your 1
  13. Don't be a pussy hold your shits in till next year.

    1. Doc


      yea mate but do u know how much im gonna drink and eat in the next 24 hours?

  14. Sensat1ons

    Turbo Intro

    1600 post count wtf
  15. Sensat1ons

    @jons thoughts?

    @Jons What are your thoughts on Lakers fans lol
  16. started using a bidet. No more shit stains on my undies. I highly recomend everyone use it

    1. Doc


      l0l learn to wipe ur ass properly init

    2. Steezy


      u mean to tell me u dont wash ur ass

  17. Sensat1ons

    Going to dabble in this game again

    weird flex but ok
  18. Sensat1ons

    actually done w raggers

    weird flex but ok
  19. Sensat1ons

    Yusko's Introduction

    hi japanese man
  20. 8:29 AM in Los Angeles , California


    Good morning Fatality

  21. Sensat1ons

    I fw mobile

    wierd flex but ok
  22. Sensat1ons

    93 hp

    weird flex but ok
  23. Kuzma is better coming off the bench Hart is a better on ball defender