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  1. Sensat1ons

    Turbo Intro

    1600 post count wtf
  2. Sensat1ons

    @jons thoughts?

    @Jons What are your thoughts on Lakers fans lol
  3. started using a bidet. No more shit stains on my undies. I highly recomend everyone use it

    1. Doc


      l0l learn to wipe ur ass properly init

    2. Steezy


      u mean to tell me u dont wash ur ass

  4. Sensat1ons

    Going to dabble in this game again

    weird flex but ok
  5. Sensat1ons

    actually done w raggers

    weird flex but ok
  6. Sensat1ons

    Yusko's Introduction

    hi japanese man
  7. 8:29 AM in Los Angeles , California


    Good morning Fatality

  8. Sensat1ons

    I fw mobile

    wierd flex but ok
  9. Sensat1ons

    93 hp

    weird flex but ok
  10. Kuzma is better coming off the bench Hart is a better on ball defender
  11. Sensat1ons

    New Phone Suggestions

    I am gonna get the Pixel 3 this black friday. But if I were you I would get the S9 this black friday or wait till January and get the S10 I heard its gonna be sick af.
  12. getting 4000 post count is such a bitch 

  13. Sensat1ons

    94 Arthritus

    fix the pic
  14. Sensat1ons

    Hi! Any oldschool FI players still around?

    Ben Chod brotha