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  1. fix the ranks shown on the top left @Couck is not leader and @Jons is not a warlord hes a reddit user who just became a Lakers fan

    1. Yak


      Why are you on the 2016 Theme lmao

    2. Conway


      how high are you

    3. Couck
  2. Sensat1ons

    Purefect Introooo

    smarter than 90% of the pure community. I accept.
  3. Sensat1ons

    A Hero's Return.

    fuck off this town isnt big enough for 2 of us
  4. Sensat1ons

    Iron Pure

    i dont think koso can get any gayer than this
  5. Sensat1ons

    if losing was an achievement

    thats more than my hut that i live in
  6. Sensat1ons

    Dashyyy's Questing Service

    Do not vouch since I have not used his services.
  7. Sensat1ons

    robby vs whisky #tbt

    fuck whisky he could suck my bwc
  8. Sensat1ons

    4k post count

    gets your 1
  9. Don't be a pussy hold your shits in till next year.

    1. Doc


      yea mate but do u know how much im gonna drink and eat in the next 24 hours?

  10. Sensat1ons

    Turbo Intro

    1600 post count wtf
  11. Sensat1ons

    @jons thoughts?

    @Jons What are your thoughts on Lakers fans lol
  12. started using a bidet. No more shit stains on my undies. I highly recomend everyone use it

    1. Doc


      l0l learn to wipe ur ass properly init

    2. Steezy


      u mean to tell me u dont wash ur ass

  13. Sensat1ons

    Going to dabble in this game again

    weird flex but ok
  14. Sensat1ons

    actually done w raggers

    weird flex but ok