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  1. trying to stream

    quality is fine but you are definitely dropping frames
  2. trying to stream

    laggy for me aswell
  3. Two words... Concrete Boots.
  4. Finally.

    Yea, already had it bookmarked for when the time came lol
  5. Finally.

    80k alchs and one temp ban later I finally got it done.         What should do you guys think i should get done next? I'm thinking mith gloves.     Stats for reference:   
  6. @soyaki @tele

    Am I mistaken or does the hair disappear?
  7. Chris Rock talked about the crazy people too! In all seriousness though, shit like this shouldn't happen and it's becoming more and more frequent as Joel stated.
  8. Chris Rock was right. The world is on a decline man.
  9. I too am having a sale V2

    Hm for mauls and rune meds?
  10. Favorite car.

    The Pagani Huayra is by far my dream car. Will post pic when I get on a pc. The struggle of the mobile browser is too strong.
  11. Very rarely have I seen such well spoken, constructive and thorough posts on a PvP forum or just about any forum for that matter.
  12. Well Met!

    Born tw0 Pk - from Kill 0rgy and a good irl friend of mine. Also another irl friend who's RSN I do not recall but retired quite a long time ago.
  13. Well Met!

    NA - Gold 4. if you play on NA feel free to add me: Shaco wins games
  14. Well Met!

    What is your real life name? Mason What are your hobbies? Playing League, Hearthstone, chilling, programming a bit What is your RuneScape history? Been playing since '06, never actually was part of a PvP clan. Was a member of various PvM clans from '10 - '13. Upon creating my 07Scape pure, I asked some buddies about good pure clans and Fatality was held in high regard by the people I talked to. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Currently my goal is to train my pure to meet the reqs of the clan. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Definitely Anything else: Look forward to becoming an active member in the community, see you guys around!