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  1. What the actual fuck. V2

    I'm 10K kills dry
  2. Hacked </3

    Can mouse record and train one up easier
  3. Master mage

    get 99 hp
  4. i got worse at runescape after watching this vid
  5. Imbuned cape service

    lmfao you fag you said you literally only wanted 1 cape ill do the others for you if you stfu and kiss me on the lips
  6. No one cares to tell me about this shit?

    you can't be serious
  7. Race the process

    nice def level lmfao
  8. Scammed

    go to the gnome shop and buy them lmao
  9. xd

    mouse recorder ftw
  10. EoP. you hear me?

    wow @King Bee this guy really does own a gun
  11. first he gets an ely and now this jesus christ
  12. sensations can't even add 2+2 together and you're trusting him with a calculation?