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  1. Pray 4 Me :(

    "I decided to autoclick at the most popular autoclicking location"
  2. we just keep winning

    Big win Conway lemme get a Kodai wand bro
  3. Funny how they talk so much shit leading up to these preps then it's a complete 180 once we dick them down.
  4. Misfits leaderboards

    as entertaining as watching paint dry
  5. Why didn't you bs him??
  6. Not so baby

    41 magic nice
  7. Leadership Promotions

    Congratulations all & welcome back
  8. 2018 Promotions

    Congratulations everyone
  9. Progress

    40 magic lul
  10. Nerd Status Achieved

    why tf you got 93 mining
  11. Dont give up yet

    looks like cancer, god bless
  12. It´s almost over! (finally)

    claws over ancient mace?
  13. What the actual fuck. V2

    I'm 10K kills dry