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  1. Be online! | P2P Sunday

    Mass // 2 PM EST // 7 PM GMT

    See you goons there, don't forget to hop on Teamspeak when you wake up ;)

  2. Steve

    F2P POV

    Ballin Jaya always got dem videos.
  3. Steve

    Dear Lord Ex

    King Couck has spoken 🙏
  4. KbHW1Ir.gif

    Resistance trips for the past month and a half..

  5. 67 man pull, Resistance pulled 30 - ran  away all trip. #FatalityDidThisToYou

  6. Steve

    Mr Tip Intro

    Welcome back!
  7. Steve

    Fatality Pk Ownage - Ft. DC, OG, vennys

    Nice boys, sorry I couldn't make it I passed out from my previous all nighter
  8. Steve

    Conways Dank Meme Library 💯🔥

    @Conway you should update this with your latest heat
  9. Steve


    Grats brother!
  10. Steve

    tyrin to get back on the grind

    Coming along nicely Craig.
  11. Steve

    Brap Intro

    Welcome brother!
  12. jHAIjkV.png

    Great win today boys!

    Be on tomorrow for our P2P Prep vs Rage.

    Let's take another 2-0 this week!