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  1. Steve

    E40 intro

    My shit bang
  2. Trip mass in less than 1 hour!  Start getting ready, idle TS and come hang at Edge with your boys! Yeet

  3. Steve

    So I made a gain today

    Hell yeah congrats mate
  4. Steve

    3 Years Ago

  5. Steve

    1 Defence Quests and Diaries

    So much detail good job non the less
  6. Steve

    lil baby clan lmao

    Don't mess with his army mate
  7. I'm working on not being a 1 bang I'll get there eventually
  8. Steve

    another 1 bites the dust

    Congrats congrats
  9. Ez4A0uw.png

    Good job at the prep boys! Here's a new render I made today.

  10. Steve

    Soon to be 1250 total (hopefully)

    Congrats keep up the grind
  11. Steve

    tripsover intro

    Hello welcome to the community!