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  1. Fi_Steve


    Welcome! Good luck with your goals hope to see your application soon so you can come to some trips!
  2. Good trip and great performances all around!
  3. Fi_Steve

    Medusa's Intro App

    Yooo we out here fam, welcome to the community! Looking forward to your app also enjoy the good energy you bring! The earth is definitely not flat!
  4. Fi_Steve


    Hello and welcome
  5. Fi_Steve

    Base 70's completed

    nice nice!
  6. Fi_Steve

    Action Packed P2P Sunday 8/11/2019

    Nice vid m8
  7. Fi_Steve

    The homie Adam NOT pleased

    not my Adam
  8. Fi_Steve

    FI vs CD pkri

    good video bro
  9. Fi_Steve

    stan intro

    Whats up welcome to the community!
  10. Awesome guide thanks for making it!
  11. Fi_Steve

    "Adhd specs" intro!

    Welcome! Take some time to browse the forum and post, hang out on discord / teamspeak - looking forward to seeing your app!
  12. Fi_Steve

    Hey guys

    Welcome to the community hope to see your app soon!