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  1. Fi_Steve

    Getting back into it

  2. Good job boys, couldn't get on my account today trying to figure that out :S
  3. Fi_Steve

    Hi Friends

  4. Fi_Steve

    Smacking clans on a P2p Sunday

    Good shit today boys
  5. You guys were awesome, can't wait for tomorrow!
  6. https://imgur.com/uMsl21p https://imgur.com/Nu0nBgP https://imgur.com/x34YKHP https://imgur.com/yeTOW36
  7. Fi_Steve

    13 Years? im old

    Hell yeah buddy! Glad to see ya around
  8. Good shit keep it up! I'll try to make it out this weekend!
  9. We kicked names and took ass!
  10. Fi_Steve

    u00A0 (High Sheep) Intro

    Hello and welcome. Good luck training your HP, see you soon.
  11. Fi_Steve

    Promos Part 2

    Congrats to all!
  12. https://imgur.com/q5iWmQu https://imgur.com/vi6cJNI
  13. Fi_Steve


    Congratulations & nice account!