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  1. quester

    Vouch done tons of quest/nmz for me and my buddy
  2. clan friend application

  3. 2nd Round Savagery

  4. Mini-Promos

    @Whisky nigga we made it
  5. Easy Yolo v2

    only way to make real money gj
  6. Mini vs RD my pov

    nice ags Kappa

    Vouch did tons of quest and skills for me always quick and easy to deal with great guy
  8. Wins vs TLP

    where the acb at
  9. What would you do?

    how do u make money when worlds are dcing wtf
  10. WildTurtle Benched on Team Solomid

    they had a chance to replace him with someone just as good if not better then turtle altec was free for a week or so when winterfox got relegated pretty stupid trying out keith since he had the lowest cs in every game he played and poor team fights tl carried keith
  11. King Couck puts Turny back in his cave

    i dont know how i feel about this C0uck
  12. Hello Pure World

    why does it matter what other ppl think about you?