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  1. sunday

    this is why i do revs!! #holyrng

    @Anqi #zulrahh #b0nk #ranqe1 #holyrng #1 #fatality #ficaves #nightshift #fikidsranqe
  2. sunday

    ez money

    I am 8 ranks above you, nice to meet you.
  3. sunday

    ez money

    not enough money to buy back the b ring @goth took from you..
  4. sunday

    Iron Pure

  5. sunday

    free money lol

  6. sunday

    SS Introduction

  7. sunday

    barbarian outing

    thanks theft friends for the invite
  8. P2P Prep Wednesday @ 6 EST. Let's make a statement. 

  9. sunday

    Safe's Intro

  10. Hello Fatality OldSchool Runescape Pure Gaming Guild, please join me on this almighty Sunday as we fight for all that is Guthix. The Pay-to-Play player killing wilderness field trip (permissions slips available at http://www.clan-fi.org/) will begin at roughly 2:30pm est/7:30pm gmt but we all group up 30 minutes beforehand at Edgeville W369 (that's a Pay-to-Play world incase you missed it). Please consider joining us as we take on all of Gielinor in one of our most heated player killing wilderness field trips to date! 

  11. sunday

    Hi Fam.

  12. sunday

    if losing was an achievement

    gz beast what's next?
  13. sunday

    Hey brothers

  14. sunday

    Fatality gwas inferior green hats

    i like how you can tell from this video who v1ce is just by looking at the movement